The Wallflower Modern Diner – Awesome Dinner, So So Brunch

The Wallflower Modern Diner – Awesome Dinner, So So Brunch

This is my first review but second visit to The Wallflower Modern Diner.  This restaurant was also featured on You Gotta Eat Here.

The Wallflower

First Visit:My guy friend and I came here at 5:30 on a weekday to celebrate his change of marital status from single to married.  He is the type of guy that swear he will be single for life, yet he is the first one to get married…what a guy!  BACK TO FOOD.  The restaurant was barely full, so we sat where we wanted.  This is definitely a hipster kind of place by just looking the waiter and waitress.  From watching You Gotta Eat Here!, I have already decided to get the Fried Chicken.  I was hoping to persuade my guy friend to get either the nacho or the Meatloaf Wellington but he opted for a good old burger.  We also shared the hummus and eggplant dip.


They have a variety of vegan options but me being with a major carnivore, we didn’t even bother looking at the vegan selections.

This is where you have to use your imagination and trust me on my words since I LOST THE PICTURES! 🙁  I apologize!! This was before we got back into blogging…back in May 2013?  Well, not that long ago actually.

The Fried Chicken WAS FANTASTIC!  The skin was super crispy and flavourful but not disgustingly oily.  The chicken meat was moist, juicy and succulent!  The dish consisted of 2 HUGE PIECES of chicken breasts with a side of mashed potato and gravy and sauteed onions.  The mashed potato was creamy and smooth with a hint of garlic.  I loved the chicken gravy as it wasn’t overly salty but still retains the flavor of the chicken.  The whole dish was just so good!  After one piece, I was full but I kept eating because it was so delicious and I can’t stop!  I did end up polishing the plate.  Even my guy friend was super impressed although he was a tad disappointed he didn’t get any left over as I promised him.  I think later that night, I had a stomach ache from over indulgence.  That dish definitely blew me over and I would order it again, except maybe be less selfish and share.

My guy friend ordered the Ordinary burger.  It was pretty good?  The patty was charred and tasty.  The fries were those big starchy ones.  He craved a good burger after being in HK for a while.

The hummus and eggplant dip was disappointing.  They just lacking something in both dips?  The bread that was served with the dips were not enough and they were hard and stale.  Not a dish I would reorder.

Service…you are at a hipster place so please don’t expect TOO TOO much.  Our water glasses were never empty and we got what we need in a reasonable amount of time.

Second Visit:
My gfs…let’s give them identities shall we?  They are the 2 girls I often dine with and knew my secret life of a food blogger ;p  Let’s call them X-ray girl and Oxygen girl.  Since they live in Burnaby and New West, it is kind of rare they are coming to Vancouver.  After church, I got a text from them saying they will be in Vancouver checking out a farmer’s market!  I decided to meet up with them since I am close by.  They agreed to my suggestion to Wallflower.

It was around 1:45pm when we walked in and the place was busy.  We did get promptly seated as one table just left.  Both girls opted for brunch food and I ate prior meeting up with them.  I picked a simple dish of salsa and chips and they ordered Peach Waffles and Breakfast Poutine.

Let’s go with my salsa and chips.  About 20 min after I ordered, the waitress came back to inform me that there was no more nacho chips in the restaurant!  Really?!  Consider one of their more famous dish is the Nachos (esp the vegan version), how can you not have nacho chips!  But that’s ok, I picked the meatloaf wellington which was what I wanted to try the first time.  Since the food of the other girls already arrived, the waitress said she will put a rush on the order and she kept her words.

Meatloaf Wellington ($6)

Meatloaf Wellington ($6)


The presentation of it as a side dish doesn’t look all that impressive.  From what I remember, a lot of dill pickles are added to the meatloaf.  To me, the sourness of it is a bit strong and it doesn’t jive well with the saltiness of the beef gravy?  I wish there was more of the phyllo dough around the meatloaf to at least absorb the gravy.  The girls and myself did not particularly enjoy this dish.  We left a third of it unfinished.

Quarter eaten Waffle and Peaches

Quarter eaten Peach Waffle ($9)  Forgot to take pic as my Oxygen Girl dived into it immediately.

Oxygen girl wanted both savory and sweet so she got the Peach Waffles with a side of bacon.  She is a smart one I tell ya.  Definitely a disappointing dish though.  It cannot be mistaken that the 2 slices of peach were canned peaches due to the syrup taste.  The restaurant used such a big plate for 2 liege waffles with 2 slices of peaches and some bacon.  The whole plate is drenched with syrup in which Oxygen girl told me it made the waffles too soggy.   The liege waffles were light and soft at the beginning but as time goes on it became less and less appetizing.  Oxygen girl just ate one waffles and that was it.

Best dish of the day- Breakfast poutine

Best dish of the day- Breakfast poutine


I think the only decent dish that all 3 of us ate was X-ray girl’s breakfast poutine.  X-ray girl cannot eat non0fully cooked eggs.  Instead of having the 2 poached eggs, she asked for scramble eggs!  Thank goodness we won’t have a messy egg yolk situation for me ;p  Instead of fries, potato cubes are used…I guess you can call it hashbrown too?  The chicken gravy tied everything in.  BUt beside the bacon, cheese curds, potato and gravy, this dish isn’t outstanding.  Compared to the other dishes on the table, we all liked this breakfast poutine the best.  We picked at her dish instead of ours…hahaha

Late brunch...that's almost dinner time?

Late brunch…that’s almost dinner time?

To my surprise, the restaurant was constantly busy!  People stream inc continuously and ordering brunch at 3pm!  I guess brunch is offered till 4pm as advertised.  Again, not much service but just enough to get by.

I don’t know how I feel about this place anymore!  half good and half bad…maybe I just need to try it out for a 3rd time and opt for dinner food…that might be better!  It is a neat little place to go.  Beware that there is no free parking, only meter parking around that area!


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