Trilussa – Deliciously Authentic Roman Pane Pizza

Trilussa – Deliciously Authentic Roman Pane Pizza

Q came across Trilussa when she was heading down Main Street a little while ago (Q: Main St is my HOOD YO!  The review done by Foodology also made a deeper impression on me to try it). Looking them up on Yelp, we found gorgeous pictures of their delicious pizzas. We decided to try them out and see how their Roman Pane pizzas differ from regular pizzas.

I’ve probably driven by this place hundreds of times, and even when looking for it I managed to miss it once and had to turn around. It’s small and low-key, but I love those kind of places!  (Q: probably better that when he drives, his eyes are on the road and not looking at other things!)

Small and easy to miss.

Small and easy to miss.

Even before walking in, I could smell the aroma of pizza. Inside, I got a sense of being in a small Italian cafe. There is some seating inside and a couple of tables put outside. The kitchen area is fairly open, which allows you to see how fast the chef, Alessandro Fonsec and his team works.  (Q: love the whole open kitchen concept!)


Open kitchen area.

Further inside, you can see some of Trilussa’s completed pizzas. Trilussa makes a lot of the pizzas to order, but they seem to build them in either 7″ or or 2 feet long variations. If you order one of the pre-made ones, they will reheat it in their pizza oven.  (Q: it is the area we immediately went to!  It is so nice to see the pizza and the presentation!)

A number of pizzas on display.

A number of pizzas on display.

They have a lot of different pizzas to choose from, as well as sandwiches and coffee!



I really love how you can see different pizzas on display!

Chef Alessandro Fonsec finishing up a pizza.

Chef Alessandro Fonsec finishing up a pizza.

I wasn’t sure how big the pizzas actually were, so Q and I started with two – a 3″ Pulled Pork pizza and a 5″ Milano pizza. The pulled pork one was already pre-made, so that one was reheated in the oven. The Milano one was made on the spot.  (Q: C did not originally decided on the Pulled Pork!  He was going to get the Vancouver Special!)

I really love how they serve their pizzas on a little pizza paddle!  (Q: love the mini version of the one people would use to put the pizza in those clay/brick oven)

3" Special, Pulled Pork, Tomato sauce, and Mozarella

3″ Special, Pulled Pork, Tomato sauce, and Mozarella

The pulled pork pizza was pretty good. The crust was a little bit burnt, but it didn’t take away from the nice crunchy, yet chewy dough. It’s interesting how it differs from thin-crust pizza. With most thin-crust pizzas, I find that they’re completely crunchy and crispy. With the Roman Pane pizza, it’s really crunchy and crispy on the outer layer, but there is also a slight chewy bite to it. I find this more appetizing than typical thin-crust pizzas!  (Q: LOVE THAT CRUST!  On contrary to C, I didn’t think the crust is burnt, just making it charred and tasty!  The crust taste very different from the commercial thin crust pizzas.  The crust did not taste like just plain flour whereas it is delicious to eat on its own with a good chew.)

I didn’t find the pork anything too special though. The crust and the cheese were what really made this pizza excellent.  (Q: what I really love is the tomato sauce!  Again, it isn’t those commercial, pre-made tomato sauce.  It is full of fresh tomato flavor and it is a lightness sauce with a tad of sweetness.  The crust and the tomato sauce were the stars for me!  Pull-pork wasn’t bad and made a good combination for the pizzas.)


Nice crust and decent amount of pork.

The other pizza was a 5″ Milano, which had Prosciutto and Mozarella. I like this one more than the pulled pork – the prosciutto was really tasty and, again, the crust and mozzarella were excellent  (Q: I like the pull-pork more!  We often do this, I like what C order and vice versa. The mozarella definitely taste different than the commercial one I am used to.  I don’t know if I liked this cheese better or not…). Surprisingly, I didn’t find much difference between the crust of the pulled pork pizza, which was reheated, and the Milano pizza, which was made fresh. That’s a testament to how well their pizzas reheat in their pizza oven!

5" Milano Pizza

5″ Milano Pizza ($5.91)

You can see how there is some nice charred parts to the bottom, and it’s just the right amount of charring to add texture and flavour without adding a burnt taste to it.

Nice toasted crust

Nice toasted crust

The pizzas were really good, but I didn’t feel like I had enough. For regular pizzas, I eat about 3-4 slices. I had been eyeing the Vancouver pizza on the menu, so I decided to follow the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ mantra and ordered another 5″ pizza. (Q: I was trying to say no and control him.  That didn’t work.)

The Vancouver Pizza has slices of seasoned salmon and organic veggies. The salmon was really good; it tasted like slices of smoked salmon. I liked this pizza the best, even though it was the messiest to eat! I was dropping little pieces of salmon and greens all over the place!  (Q: I agree on this being messy to eat.  Definitely hard to eat with elegance ;))

5" Vancouver Pizza ($6.34)

5″ Vancouver Pizza ($6.34)


My favourite part of Trilussa is the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It feels very homey and full of energy. I will definitely be back to this little gem for more pizzas in the future! (Q: I find it a tad pricey to eat here!  As you can see, the 2 of us spent around $20 on pizzas!  Oh we added a can of pop on top of the pizza.  The atmosphere is relaxing and food is good!  The set up of this place is not meant for a big party.  The biggest 2 booth, you might squeeze 6 ppl but rubbing elbows.  On a Friday night, it got quite busy and had to wait for seats.  I suggest you go either early or later! )
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