Tonkin – Standard Vietnamese Food on Main Street

Tonkin – Standard Vietnamese Food on Main Street

EDIT: Tonkin has closed down. Now replaced by Meet on Main.


I had taken a photo of the storefront using my iPhone, but the new iOS 7 seems to make my HDR photos blurrier than before and I didn’t notice until I was home!

I was studying with a friend by the Blenz on Main street on a cold and stormy day. We decided pretty early on that we would grab some noodles for dinner after the study session. I noticed that a newish Viet place opened up nearby and pho is always an excellent choice for rainy days – why not try them out?

We went at around 7:45pm and the restaurant was practically empty! There was one table filled, and that was it. We were a bit skeptical because of that, but we were hungry so we stayed.

They have a menu full of the items I would expect to see at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Tonkin pho menu

Tonkin’s Menu – Pho


Tonkin's Menu - Vermicelli Dishes

Tonkin’s Menu – Vermicelli Dishes


Tonkin's Menu - Rice Dishes

Tonkin’s Menu – Rice Dishes

The surprising menu page I came across was one for Vegan options. I’ve never seen that before!

Tonkin's Menu - Vegan Dishes

Tonkin’s Menu – Vegan Dishes

I ordered a pho and some spring rolls. The spring rolls were pretty good – hot, crunchy, and meaty.

Tonkin's pork spring rolls $4.50

Pork Spring Rolls ($4.50)

Whenever I order a pho, I order the one that has all the meat. It never disappoints! With Tonkin, I was pretty surprised at how modern their dishware were. Most Vietnamese restaurants seem to just use the cheapest bowls and plates they can get!

Tonkin house special pho

House Special Pho (small, $6.85)

The pho was pretty decent. It didn’t stand out or anything, but it wasn’t bad either. Good broth and good meat. Portions were average.

the pho looks pretty good!

The pho looks pretty good!

My friend ordered a vermicelli dish. It smelled amazing and they really piled on the meat. I think their rice and vermicelli dishes here are better than their pho. Next time I come by I would order this. The grilled pork was really good – fantastic char and flavor. Again, it didn’t crazy wow me but the food was good.

Tonkin grilled pork and minced prok vermicelli plate $8.50

Grilled Pork and Minced Pork Vermicelli Plate ($8.50)

The service was a bit slow, but the owners (husband and wife I think) were friendly. They even gave us fortune cookies! Haven’t had one of those in forever.

I haven't seen this in a long time! Fortune cookie!

I haven’t seen this in a long time! Fortune cookie!

I forgot what it was, but I remember it was a pretty standard fortune!


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