Sushi Zero One – Great Sushi, Hole In The Wall

Sushi Zero One – Great Sushi, Hole In The Wall

I found out about Sushi Zero One on Yelp. They have some pretty solid reviews – besides Bay Sushi, Sushi Zero One seems to be the the spot for sushi in Downtown without breaking your bank (i.e. perfect lunch time sushi joint!). It has a total hole in the wall kind of look that gave me a bit of trouble when looking for it. Even when I did find it, I wasn’t totally sure I wanted to try it out. In the end, I said what the heck and walked on in!


sushi zero one interior

Overall Sushi Zero One is a pretty small space.

The space is tiny. There’s one or two tables beside the counter and a long bar table by the window. I guess the huge menu they have makes up for their lack of seating!

sushi zero one rice menu

Sushi Zero One’s rice bowl and specials menu.

Sushi Zero One has rice bowls, udon, sushi rolls, sushi trays, side dishes, and specialty rolls. You name it, they’ve probably got it.

sushi zero one roll menu

Sushi Zero One’s roll menu

They even have a little fridge on the side for Japanese drinks, snacks, and pre-made sushi on-the-go. Unlike Kita No Donburi though, they don’t serve beer.

sushi zero one's drinks and snacks

Sushi Zero One’s drinks and snacks!

Behind the main till area, is essentially their kitchen. The good thing is that I could see the chef make the sushi!

sushi zero one's kitchen space

Sushi Zero One’s kitchen space behind the till.

One thing that surprised me quite a bit was that the udon come in a ridiculous FOUR different sizes (mini, regular, large, and mega). The rice bowls range from having three sizes (just regular, large, or mega) to the same four sizes the udon can come in. Variety is good, but if you don’t know what you want and how much you want you’re going to face some decision paralysis!

sushi zero one's tempura udon

Regular Tempura Udon ($7.50)

The udon was good. Nothing terribly special, but it was made well. The tempura was crispy and wasn’t soggy when it was served, which is very important when serving up tempura udon.

sushi zero one's honeymoon roll and baby butterfly roll

Honeymoon Roll (half, $5.75) and Baby Butterfly Roll (half, $6.50)

You can order half rolls, so I decided to get two half specialty sushi rolls. The Honeymoon Roll consists of imitation crab meat, spicy sauce, and is wrapped with salmon and avocado. The Baby Butterfly Roll has BBQ eel, avocado, cream cheese and egg omlet topped with wasabi tobiko (flying fish root).

sushi zero one's honeymoon roll and baby butterfly roll

Both rolls were good and the presentation was much more than what I had expected. Goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a restaurant by its storefront! The Honeymoon roll wasn’t extraordinary, but the ingredients tasted fairly fresh and it tasted good compared to some cheaper places.

sushi zero one's honeymoon roll and baby butterfly roll

I enjoyed the Baby Butterfly roll much more, and, as expected, this is one of their more popular options. Th cream cheese was fantastic and the BBQ eel was excellent. Definitely give this roll a try if you end up checking out Sushi Zero One. Oh and the wasabi tobiko didn’t really taste any different from regular red tobiko…I think it’s more of a decoration thing to use green tobiko. It did look way cooler than regular rolls with the wasabi tobiko on it!

Solid sushi, solid price, hole-in-the-wall storefront – you can’t really go wrong with this combination! They also do online ordering and delivery!

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