Slickity Jim’s Breakfast/Brunch

Slickity Jim’s Breakfast/Brunch
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After a looong hiatus, Q and I have decided to get back into food blogging! We still go out eating a lot and Q has actually ended up doing mini reviews on Yelp, but we think it’s time to get back into it. I’ve been pretty swamped since I’ve been back from London, but I think I’ve finally found the time to totally revamp the blog. (Q: all in all, we just got plain lazy!) I hope you like it!

After an early Saturday morning consisting of me picking up Q by a random park, we decided to grab some awesome brunch. (Q: for the record, I was being a medical volunteer for a charity run!  He made it sound like I can be picked up at a park…oh dear…DEATH GLARE) Being indecisive as usual, it took us a while to choose Slickity Jim’s. I’ve been here once, and I really liked their Egg Bene’s so I thought I’d bring Q here.


It looks really unassuming from the outside, but once you go in there’s a pretty hipster-like atmosphere. It’s loud and pretty spacious, and the feel of the place probably doesn’t appeal to everyone. It’s more of a hangout/catchup/cool coffee place kind of feel. (Q: I was a bit put off by the bartender/hostess person.  You walk in and there is a sign that said “Pls wait to be seated”  So I tried to talk to that lady and she just pointed at the chalkboard on the wall and told us to put our name there.  IF it is the way, make it clear and I appreciate more politeness.)

Q ordered one of the Sammies from Slickity Jim’s breakfast menu. She had the Sandwich of Champions ($9.50), which was a vegetarian burger containing portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, brie, and spinach. She had the choice of cole slaw, potatoes, or salad – I chose potatoes for her before her indecisiveness kicked in! (Q: good call on his part.  It already took so long for us to get in, then for me to decide.  If I wait any longer, my hunger will consume me and I would’ve rage like The Hulk)

Sandwich of Champios

Sandwich of Champions

Plating was pretty simple, but the entire meal looked huge and awesome. The potatoes were seasoned well and the burger was really good. It wasn’t soggy and the artichoke hearts were amazingly good!  (Q: My favourite part is the garlic with the portobello mushrooms!  They were actually so hot that when I bite into the burger, the root of my mouth is burnt and skin started peeling)

Photo 2013-06-22 12 50 43 PM

It could have used more brie, but checkout the delicious ooziness on that mushroom!

My order wasn’t on the regular menu – it was the special for the day! I had the Turkey Lurkey ($11), which was an egg benedict ontop of an awesome turkey meatloaf and toasted english muffin. Same seasoned potatoes, which were nothing too amazing, but still pretty good. The portions were great too!

Turkey Lurkey

Turkey Lurkey

I had the egg benes medium runny, because I love it when I pop it open and the yolk flows over everything.  (Q: I had the honor of popping the egg for him!  It reminds me of something that’s not as appetizing.  So I will refrain from mentioning it here) The hollandaise sauce was really good, and the turkey meatloaf was quite flavourful and moist. Having all of it together was a great combination. Definitely hit the brunch spot well!

Photo 2013-06-22 1 02 56 PM


The only peeve I had was that the second egg bene’s yolk wasn’t runny and that initially the waitress had put in my order wrong (somehow ended up with a rhubarb french toast). Besides that, it was a solid brunch that left both Q and I in food comas!  (Q:  I was actually so full that I didn’t need to eat dinner that night!  Chris forgot to mention that they messed up the order and gave him the other special insted of his order.  I ended up finishing my food before his came)


Pro Tip!
If you haven’t been around this area before, definitely check out Welk’s right beside the building. They have some neat homeware for really great prices. Also, Slickity Jim’s gets really busy – there’s a board to the left of the entrance inside the place that you can put your name and the number of people in your party.

The coffee is just coffee, but it’s bottomless so you can totally just share one if you’re with other people!


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