Re-Up Barbecue (New Westminster)

Re-Up Barbecue (New Westminster)

At work, we have an informal foodie club that runs every other week. We see how many people are up for lunch and decide on a spot with some killer food. Our default is usually La Taqueria for their epic taco Wednesdays.

We had a couple of ideas for a great spot this week, but SW suggested one that none of us really considered – Re-UP BBQ at New Westminster. A loooong time ago, I had tried their food truck and absolutely fell in love with their pulled pork. I knew they opened up a brick-and-mortar store, but it was always fairly out of the way. Not this time!

Located in the beautiful (and, to me, previously non-existent) River Market of the New Westminster Quay, they managed to get a fairly decent sized space. The restaurant  is situated inside the market, which is fairly reminiscent of the market space at Granville Island.


Spring Hours

Re-Up BBQ's restaurant space

Re-Up BBQ’s restaurant space

Back in their food truck days, their only offering was pulled pork. At this restaurant, they’re able to serve up a whole lot more options.



I really wanted to get the BBQ Platter, but an experienced coworker pointed out that the platter takes quite a while to make. Not wanting to take forever for lunch and return with food coma, we opted to order a bunch of stuff and share.

Home-made soda menus

Home-made soda menus

It took us a while to decide. I originally wanted to get their pulled pork sandwich, but they ran out!! Pretty crazy when you think about it, as it was noon on Wednesday! In the end, the five of us decided to share a bucket of chicken, extra biscuit, gravy, and chilli cheese fries. Mr. SW opted to go with the beef brisket sandwich.

All our food ready to go!

All our food ready to go!

The “Bucket” of Fried Chicken comes with 10 pieces of fried chicken, bbq sauce, coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. We had a southerner with us, and she remarked that the fried chicken at Re-Up is the best and most authentic fried chicken she’s found in Vancouver.

Bucket of chicken, coleslaw, and biscuits!

Bucket of chicken, coleslaw, and biscuits! ($29)

I don’t normally eat much fried chicken, and when I do it’s either Church’s Chicken or KFC. The fried chicken from Re-Up was really good, with the flavour being closer to Church’s. The skin was super crispy, the meat was really tender, and overall it wasn’t really greasy like Church’s and KFC. Slathering on some of their barbecue sauce, which had the perfect mix of heat and sweetness, fried chicken became a favourite of mine again.

Biscuits and gravy is, for some reason, something Q always raves about wanting to have. She wasn’t with us, but this sure reminded me of her! Naturally I had to eat one for the both of us ;). We ordered an extra buttermilk biscuit (since the bucket came w/ 4 and there was 5 of us sharing), and also tacked on an order of Country Gravy.

Biscuit with gravy

Buttermilk Biscuit ($2) with Country Gravy ($4)

The biscuit was quite good. It wasn’t overly doughy, but it didn’t just crumble apart either. It had a texture similar to a scone. Since my American coworkers are experts at this type of cuisine, I will defer judgment to them – the biscuits, in their opinion, were not flakey enough! The Country Gravy was well worth the $4, as one cannot simply have southern style biscuits without chunky gravy. The Country Gravy was meaty and full of flavour. So delicious with the biscuit!

The coleslaw was probably the weakest part of the dish, not because the coleslaw was bad, but because the rest of the food was really good and filling. This coleslaw is, according to my American colleagues, fairly southern in style but slightly too “mustard-y”.

Chilli cheese fries

Chilli Cheese Fries ($8)

The chilli might be a newer offering, as it’s not listed on Re-Up’s website. It make sense to serve chilli though, it works well with the barbecue stuff. As if fried chicken wasn’t enough to give us all food coma, I had the smart idea of ordering Chilli Cheese Fries too. Like a poutine but with chilli instead, the Chilli Cheese Fries were dangerously delicious. Nice chunky chilli with black beans, jalepeno, and (I think) sharp cheddar cheese thrown on top of some crispy fries. Can’t go wrong with this one.

One of our colleagues opted out of the greasy madness and decided to go with the Beef Brisket Sandwich. I tried a bit of the brisket, which I found to be a bit on the tough side. I think he gave me an edge piece though. Overall, he liked the sandwich but would have preferred the pulled pork.

Beef brisket sandwich

Beef brisket sandwich ($9)

We had no room left to finish his fries.

Sodas were also on the menu, and we each ordered one. I got the Rhubarb soda because it sounded quite interesting. Some nice rhubarb flavour in it, but nothing really kicked at me and made me love it. I wish I ordered the home-made cola instead, which tasted kind of like a ginger beer.

Rhubarb soda

Rhubarb soda

Overall, love the space that Re-Up chose to put in a full on restaurant. There’s a lot of tables to sit at, and plenty of seating outside for nice sunny days too. Their BBQ is still amazing, and I’ll definitely be back earlier to get some more of their awesome pulled pork.

I hadn’t seen the Re-Up BBQ food truck in long time, and I asked the guy working at the restaurant why that is. Apparently their food truck got hit by an actual truck and is out of commission indefinitely. Looks like New Westminster is the only place to get some of this good stuff now!

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