Portland Craft – Put A Bird On It!

Portland Craft – Put A Bird On It!

Meeting up with a friend after both of our night shift.  He craved beer so we decided to go to Portland Craft on Main Street since our last attempt on a Friday night without reservation was futile.

I love the layout of the place – a big bar top, a communal table, a few bar top tables, some booths on the sides and a 2nd floor for more table seating. It is a pretty good layout I think.

Bar area with lots of beer

Bar area with lots of beer


2nd level for more table seatings

2nd level for more table seating

At 1:30pm, it was relatively empty so we got seated immediately.  We were pretty hungry and my friend highly recommended a dish so we ordered almost immediately.  He got a Double Mountain Vaporizer ($7 for 16 oz) to sate his beer craving, a House Frits ($6) to share and we both got Put a Bird On It ($15).  Click on the picture to enlarge.



The House Frits was decent.  It looks small in the photo but it felt like the bowl was bottomless.  No matter how much we ate, seems like we hardly put a dent in it.  The fries were the super starchy, fresh fried potato ones.  They were not that crispy but well seasoned.  The garlic aioli was a great condiment to go with the fries.

Put A Bird On it and House Frits

Put A Bird On it, House Frits and beer

He highly recommend the chicken and waffle aka Put a Bird On It from this place.  He raved about the made-to-order waffle and the moist fried chicken!  I am glad I went with this dish.  IT WAS GREAT!

The chicken breading itself was quite tasty with a kick of the crushed black pepper and super juicy on the inside.  It also came with a small dish of thicken gravy…almost like a rouge of gravy.  It paired well with the chicken but also made it more salty.  It is good that the gravy was served separately and you can put as little or as much gravy as you want.  The waffles were fresh and crispy.  They were not “fluffy” but rather soft with a slight chew to them.  Nevertheless, they were good!

The dish is pretty big…It was hard to eat both the chicken and waffle at the same time.  It is such a first world problem eh?  I am glad they provided a slice of watermelon because all that salt from the chicken and gravy made me super thirsty.  I also wish they provided more gravy and the maple syrup.  I am the type that likes to drench my food in sauce…esp waffle and maple syrup!

In the end, I only ate half of the dish and had to pack everything to go.  My guy friend finished the chicken and left one waffle behind.

Portland Craft rotates their selection of beer so it is not always the same.  The waitress recommended The Double Mountain Vaporizer.  I stole a sip and it was light and sweet.  It reminds me of Hsing Tao beer.  My friend enjoyed it and actually had 2 of those.  Portland Craft also has a selection of Bourbon.  I didn’t try my beloved whisky sour because I had an eye exam appointment right after lunch.  I will definitely need to go back and see if it is good.

Service wasn’t bad.  There was only 1 very laid back waitress at that time and a few tables.  She came back to check up on us a few times but my glass of water was not filled at all.  She was quite funny actually.  I asked to have my chicken and waffle to be packed.  She came back with a container and said in a very nonchalant tone…”so….there is only chicken in that container.  I dropped your waffle while sliding it to the box…I’m sorry.”  It is the way she said it that caused my friend and I laughing out loud really.  It was very nice of her though to ask the kitchen to make me a fresh waffle despite I insisted it was not necessary.

I do like the restaurant and the atmosphere.  I like their selection of food and alcohol.   If I can’t go to Portland all the time, I will make do going to this restaurant.  Definitely need to revisit with C.

Oh, I like their philosophy too!

Locally sourced offerings inspired by the Portland food scene paired with the best craft beers & beverages Oregon has to offer!


Portland Craft is dedicated to furthering and supporting the concept of craft in all aspects of our establishment, from kitchen to tap. We respect the artistry and workmanship that goes into beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as the farming of organic meats & produce from our community.

We support and use produce from local backyard gardens.

Oh parking could be a challenge.  It is all street parking and some with restrictions.

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