Peaceful Restaurant (Kitsilano) – MSG Overload

Peaceful Restaurant (Kitsilano) – MSG Overload

Originally decided on going to Whole Food for dinner to celebrate a birthday for my guy friend.  After a few missed turns, we ended up in Kits and decided on Peaceful Restaurant.  I am amazed at their expansion from the original restaurant by Cambie and Boardway to Main and Kits.

Store front

Store front

Arriving at 6:20pm, the restaurant was pretty empty.  We were seated quickly but unfortunately seated by the toilet.  The menu is the same in all 3 restaurants.

Menu taped to the glass

Menu taped to the glass

I already know to order the beef roll wrap and dumpling to start as the birthday boy looks through the menu to decide on a main dish.  He decided on the Shan-Xi Cold Noodle (陜西凉皮) to my surprise.  I was secretly rooting for a soup noodle as the weather was getting quite cold.

The beef roll arrived quickly.  It was nice to see the same quality in their food.   The pancake was flakey and crispy with no lack of beef, hoisin sauce and green onion.

Beef Roll

Beef Roll ($ 7.95)

The cold noodle arrived before the dumplings.  The Shan-Xi Cold Noodle (陜西凉皮), is supposedly made of steamed rice paste then sliced into noodles.  One of the waiters told us that the dish is made from cold noodle instead of the actual rice noodle.  I feel like this cold noodle is a soupless version of Tan-tan noodle.  The mixing sauce is heavy on peanut sauce, chili and a touch of sesame oil.  Beside the noodle and sauce there were also bean sprout and julianned cucumber to add to the texture and coolness.  The noodles were thick cut and chewy to the point it was almost tough.  Felt like it was made with left over noodle or overcooked noodle..I didn’t really enjoy the dish.

Cold Noodle

Shan-Xi Cold Noodle ($7.95)

The pork dumplings arrived straight off the pan!  They were crispy at the bottom and the filling succulent.  No complaints there!

Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings ($7.95)

Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings ($7.95)

My guy friend warned me that night he was so hungry that he would be a bottomless pit.  He was right.  After those dishes, I was filled to the brim and him looking he could still eat.  I can’t let the birthday boy be hungry right?  He picked out Xiao Long Baos.  I guess our order timing was perfect as our order arrived at quickly at the same as everyone else.

Long‘s Noodle House has the best XLBs hands down.  The XLBs at this Peaceful pales compared to the other locations too.  The skin was thick and tough with minimal meat juice inside.  What’s good was purely quantity.  There were 8 XLBs in one order.


XLB ($7.95)

One major complain about this location is THE OVERLOAD OF MSG!  O-M-G….After I got home, I was extremely thirsty and drank 5 cups of water.  I text messaged my guy friend and he had the same problem!  I also became very lethargic and needed to nap at 10:00pm just so I could function a little longer.  Thirst and sleepiness are my reaction to MSG.  I suspect MSG was added as seasoning to the pork fillings in the dumplings and XLBs.  This is a huge disappointment to me and how the quality of the food has changed.  I won’t return to this location again.  The cheaper price and better quality of food without the MSG, I will hit up Long’s again.

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