Oyster Craze – Rodney’s Oyster House (Yaletown AND Gastown within 1 week)

Oyster Craze – Rodney’s Oyster House (Yaletown AND Gastown within 1 week)
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My beloved uncle has come to Vancouver from Hong Kong to wind down and relax. On top of sis top to-do list is to eat seafood!  Because Hong Kong is so polluted, local seafood is not usually eaten.  The seafood there is usually imported and hence the price would not be cheap.  On a weekday after a stroll by the seawall, I decided to take him to Rodney’s Oyster House in Yaletown!

After a 2-3 hr walk, at 1:50pm, we were too hungry to wait for the Happy Hour for $1.50/shuck. We ordered a wide variety of oysters that day and had a great time eating/trying out different types of oysters!  It was probably for the best that we missed Happy Hour, as we dodged the busy-ness of the post-lunch hour rush.

Rodney Yaletown Storefront

Rodney Yaletown Storefront

We were seated quickly and were able to pick our own table.  We went to the 2nd level to have a view from up high.  The bread at Rodney has always been a miss for me.  They are hard and not really fresh.  Our server was a tad slow but otherwise charismatic.

Rodney Yaletown view from 2nd level

Rodney Yaletown view from 2nd level

My uncle’s preference for oyster is the bigger and meatier types, which I do not like! My preference is for the sweet ones , that barely require any chewing.

We started off ordering a dozen oysters and asked them to pick for us.  6 Kumamoto and 6 Royal Miyagi arrived (both around $3/shuck).  Kumamoto is definitely on the tiny side but very sweet.  My uncle found it too small and not satisfying in terms of texture and chewiness.  Royal Miyagi on the other hand was wonderful.  It was clean, sweet, perfect size and I just love it!  My uncle also love it that we ordered another half dozen of that!

Photo 2013-08-04 11 58 31 PM

We also tried 3 other types of meatier oysters which I completely forgot what they were.  I THINK they were Sawmill Bay, Satori and Small Beach?  They didn’t leave a big impression on me as I didn’t like having to chew and bite into the oysters before gulping it down.  The cost of the oysters ranged from $2.85-3.50/shuck.

The oysters were really fresh!  Quality was much better than what we had a few days before at Steveston!  I love how there is an assortment of in-house made sauce and freshly shredded horseradish were there for the oysters.  I personally like having just lemon with my oysters hence I didn’t try any of the sauce.  My uncle loved them especially the most spicy one!

In-House sauces and tobasco.

In-House sauces and tobasco. The one being pointed at is the least spicy!

I was determined to pay for the bill but after it arrived, my uncle tried to steal it from me.  I was too busy to fight for the bill I didn’t even have a chance to take a pic to help me remember what we ordered!  SORRY!  For 2.5 dozen of oysters and a bottle of bear, the bill came to $100.52 after tax.

I love this place!  In fact, my uncle and I loved it so much that we had to go again with my mom, C, and my sister’s bf!

We were pretty adamant about getting the lowtide happy hour special. We tried booking the Yaletown location, but they were completely packed! Surprisingly, the Rodney’s in Gastown had space so we ended up there instead.

Just like the Rodney’s in Yaletown, their happy hour runs from 3pm-6pm from Monday to Saturday. They have a lot of great lunch features until happy hour that I wish lasted throughout happy hour as well!

Lunch Features

Lunch Features

Regardless, their lowtide features were still plentiful, and with oysters at $1.50 a shuck, everyone went crazy!

Lowtide (happy hour) menu

Lowtide (happy hour) menu

Last time Q’s uncle got the Anchor Steam and he didn’t like it. Maybe it wasn’t chilled enough. This time Q’s uncle, mom, sis’ bf, and I all got a pint of Granville Island’s Honey Lager and they all loved it!  It was good because it was chilled so well, but still a bit sweet for my tastes. Give me a Heineken or Carlsberg any day!

Perfectly chilled glass of Granville Island Honey Lager

Perfectly chilled glass of Granville Island Honey Lager


We ordered a bunch of oysters, but in addition we also started off with some steamed mussels.


Mussels ($12.50)

These mussels were great! Steamed with white wine and butter, the natural freshness of the mussels really shone!  (Q: maybe I was unlucky…the first one I bite into was filled with sand and I immediately spit it out!  It was fine afterward) Q’s uncle and I really loved the fact that they were meaty and fresh! Although there were a couple that were dead, the rest were really good.

We went all out, so we also ordered some Garlic Prawns. Really fresh like the oysters, and the bread was amazing!  (Q: the prawns were delicious!  They had a crisp texture but full of pawn flavours!  I am not a big seafood fan in general but this is a dish I will definitely re order again!  YUMMY!)

Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Prawns ($12.50)

Apparently like the Yaletown location, the bread we started off with was disappointing. Cold and hard, but with some decent whipped butter. (Q: the bread is only good for soaking up sauce from mussles or clams)  This toast though was really good! Crispy on the outside but just slightly soft on the inside. The regular loaf was really good for soaking up the sauce from the mussels though! This toasted white bread paired better with the prawns, and the prawns were also a good size and were cooked just right.

Here we go, the OYSTERS! We ordered two dozen, with one dozen being the low tide happy hour oysters (which were medium size but I don’t remember what they were called), and one dozen small oysters (Sawmill Bay) to satisfy Q’s oyster cravings (Q: I only like small, sweet oysters!)!

Our first 2 dozen oysters! 1 dozen medium and 1 dozen small (Sawmill Bay).

Our first 2 dozen oysters! 1 dozen medium and 1 dozen small (Sawmill Bay).

The Sawmills were not bad, but Q preferred the Royal Miyagis she had at the Yaletown location. (Q: the sawmills had a bit more fishy flavours?  I didn’t particularly enjoy them.) Q doesn’t like medium ones, but I thought they were amazing!! So fresh, you can really taste a hint of the ocean. Not overly meaty and not so small that they have no umph to them, the medium oysters were just the right size. Q’s uncle, mom, sis’ bf, and I all loved these medium ones! The freshness beats the ones from Screaming Mimi’s by a hundred times over!!

We were all so crazy about the oysters that we finished them off in mere minutes! We ended up ordering another two dozen!!!  

Round 2! 1.5 dozen medium and half a dozen small (Kumamoto)

Round 2! 1.5 dozen medium and half a dozen small (Kumamoto)

Our server called us ‘cray cray’ (jokingly of course; our server is a funny and chill guy) for ordering that many more and that we were eating them faster than the guys can shuck em! Q wanted to try a different small oyster but the only other  type they had that day were the Kumamotos. We ordered half a dozen of those and another 1.5 dozen low tide medium oysters. The poor guy shucking them must have been thinking we were crazy! So many oysters in one go!

Q liked the Kumamotos more than the Sawmill, but still didn’t really match the flavour of Royal Miyagis!  (Q: the Kumamotos were soooo tiny it didn’t feel satisfying enough.  Taste is clean and still sweet but still Royal Miyagis is still better)  They were probably rushing a bit, as some of the medium oysters weren’t rinsed properly. Besides that though, still oyster heaven!

This week I’ve probably had more oysters than in my entire life so far! I love the freshness of the seafood from Rodney’s and I’ll definitely be coming back for more in the future. Probably not in too near the future though, my cholesterol level is probably through the roof now!

(Q: service at Gastown isn’t as good as Yaletown.  At Gastown, we had 5 ppl, we were given 4 pieces of bread.  We constantly had to ask water to be refilled.  We went in and it was very quiet as ppl from the lunch rush was gone.  HOWEVER, our service was still slow and I feel pretty neglected.  If we want something, we had to waved our waiter down or get someone else to get it.  The only time we had a bit more attention was when I pay and he tried to be more funny.  Food quality is pretty consistent in both place but if I can pick, I would definitely go to the Yaletown location instead of the Gastown location.)

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