Mogu Japanese Street Eats – Delicious Japanese Sandwiches and Karaage

Mogu Japanese Street Eats – Delicious Japanese Sandwiches and Karaage

After having a slightly disappointing meal from Vij’s Railway Express truck, I decided that I needed a little more food to fill me up. It was a really nice sunny day (unlike the rainy stormy weather we’ve been having around here lately) so I decided to see if Mogu had their truck open – as luck would have it, of course they were! With no lines too!

I had actually sampled a bit of Mogu’s food from the Richmond Night Market a few months earlier. Their chicken karaage was simply of this world! I had originally planned to just get an order of karaage but was caught by their delicious looking burgers.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats - Menu

I Mogu Japanese Street Eats – Menu

In particular, the Yakiniku Sandwich really had me salivating. Apparently, this sandwich is one of their special burgers – it is only offered on (I believe) Thursdays and Fridays.

The Yakiniku Sandwich consists of thinly sliced chuck/rib eye beef, Japanese style BBQ sauce, carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and, of course, mayo! The sandwich is normally $8.50 on it’s own, but you can get the combo for $11 and have two pieces of their delicious chicken karaage.

Yep, I went for the combo even though I already had an entire meal from Vij’s. Go big or go home right?


Mogu Japanaese Street Eat - Yakiniku Sandwich ($8.50; combo $11)

Yakiniku Sandwich ($8.50; combo $11)

The “sandwich” is pretty massive. This is one reason why I would call it more of a burger than a sandwich.

Mogu Japanese Street Eat - Close up of the sandwich!

Close up of the sandwich!

I should have asked the owners of the Mogu cart why it’s only served on Thursdays and Fridays. My guess is that the beef has to be marinated or prepared specially – it’s crazy flavourful and tender. They certainly didn’t skimp on the beef! Be prepared to sit down and eat this one (Guy Ferrari style if you can), because this is one messy burger. A lot of delicious sauce drips out as you bite into it.

The bun does a decent job of soaking up the sauce. Interestingly enough, the sandwich didn’t end up being overly soggy at the end of it. The bun was actually really fluffy and toasty – not your typical burger bun.

I didn’t take a picture of the sweet and spicy chicken karaage, but you can see them in our Richmond Night Market post. The pieces are pretty huge and they’re drizzled in an amazing house-made sweet chilli sauce. A little bit pricey, but I think it goes great in the combo with the sandwich.

Definitely hit up Mogu Japanese Street Eats if you’re looking for a deliciously filling food truck meal!
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