Mancakes Bakery – Great Cupcakes in Downtown Vancouver

Mancakes Bakery – Great Cupcakes in Downtown Vancouver

I remember coming across the website of Mancakes Bakery a little while ago. Mancakes Bakery was started by a couple of Vancouver guys that wanted to right the wrong that has been done to cupcakes. They wanted cupcakes that weren’t just frilly and slathered with icing on top – thus, Mancakes was born. I was really interested in their unique flavours (like Buffalo Wings), but at the time they only did deliveries. Just last week though, Mancakes Bakery has opened up their very first brick-and-mortar store on Robson street just one shop away from Ramen Jinya!

mancakes bakery storefront


I found out about their store from Twitter, and I knew I had to go down during my lunch break and try them out!

The decor inside the shop is minimal, but I quite like the red accents.

mancakes bakery

Inside the store

There’s a good amount of seating – not shown in the above photos is that they have a long bar table by the window as well. Great coffee shop atmosphere.


Mancakes differentiates itself from other cupcake shops by offering some really unique flavours. For example, their Whiskey Lime is “spice base filled with whiskey ganach, topped with white chocolate lime icing and lime sugar” or their Bacon Chili Chocolate has “chocolate base filled with ancho chili chocolate buttercream, topped with vanilla buttercream and crumbled bacon”.

mancakes bakery

Mini and Large Cupcakes

mancakes bakery

Mini Cupcakes!

Geoff Hamilton, one of the owners of Mancakes Bakery, was on site to walk us through some of their more popular offerings. A mini cupcake costs (I think it was) $1.75 and a large cupcake costs around $3. They sell two types of mini cupcake packages, which include a dozen mini cupcakes, for around $20 after tax.

Their Day Pack includes:

  • Buffalo Wing
  • Breakfast
  • Pink Peppercorn
  • Apple Brie
  • Bacon Chili Chocolate
  • King Kong

and their Night Pack includes:

  • Buffalo Wing
  • Breakfast
  • Tequila Pineapple
  • Rum & Coke
  • Whiskey Lime
  • Chocolate Red Wine

They also now offer day-olds, which is a box of their day-old cupcakes for a discounted price (can’t quite remember how much!).

I decided to go with the Night Pack because it was a Friday and the office could use some “booze” to usher in the weekend.

mancakes bakery night pack

Night Pack (around $20)

I brought it back to the office and prepped it all up onto a fancy little high tea pastry dish. Let me reiterate that it’s a Friday.

mancakes bakery

It’s all about the presentation!

The Chocolate Red Wine was the overwhelming favourite (I didn’t get to try it, my coworkers got to it before I did!). I quite liked the Buffalo Wing cupcake, as the flavour was really unique but not overly savoury.

mancakes bakery

Chocolate Red Wine and Tequila Pineapple Mini Cupcakes

mancakes bakery

Buffalo Wing, Breakfast, Rum & Coke, and Whiskey Lime Mini Cupcakes

mancakes bakery

When they say mini, they really mean mini!

For the rest of the cupcakes, we had a good amount of difficulty trying to distinguish which flavour was which. The cakes were really moist and the icing was sweet.

SONY DSCI was very impressed with the quality of the cupcakes considering they currently don’t bake them on site (but I Geoff said they were working on getting a kitchen up and running in the back of the store). Unfortunately, I expected a little more out of the cupcakes – the flavours were there, but they were a lot more subtle than I had expected. The pricing is a bit high for cupcakes as well. I haven’t had a lot of different types of cupcakes, but my take on Mancakes is that I put them firmly ahead of Cupcakes on Robson, just a somewhat behind Cupcakes in Oakridge, and still far behind my old favourite, Big City Cupcakes.

That being said, I only tried the alcoholic types in the Night Pack. I fully intend to check out the Day Pack flavours to make sure I get a complete picture of Mancakes Bakery. Oh and by the way, they serve 49th Parallel coffee!


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