Lucy’s Eastside Diner–Late night haven for students!

Lucy’s Eastside Diner–Late night haven for students!

Boy it sure has been a while since we’ve posted anything on the blog! Unfortunately Queenie has been busy with studying (Queenie: WHEN WILL IT BE OVER?!) and I’ve been busy with work and sports that we haven’t had many chances to eat out.
We did get a chance last week though, and we found a new little gem on Main street that might pique the interest of some people. A new diner that goes by the name of Lucy’s Eastside Diner just opened up and we happened to come across their grand opening. It’s located in the Mount Pleasant area around Main and 11th street. Their semi-launch was during the Autumn Shift Festival.

Their main selling point would definitely have to be the fact that they’re open 24hours and is located very close to the 24hour Waves and other coffeeshops; hungry students can just walk a block and find some delicious comfort food!

lucy's east side diner interior lucy's east side diner seatslucy's east side diner hipster! lucy's east side diner funky decor
The decor on the inside is relatively simple; it definitely gives me a sense of what a diner in the 80’s would look like. I also love what they did with the bike handles to make a sort of “moosehead” prize head! (Queenie: I love that creativity! There won’t be any dead animal looking at you eating meat! argh…)
When we were sat down and given their temporary menu (their official one isn’t put out until their official launch date of Oct 1) the shakes immediately caught my eye. I had to have one! I love ordering shakes at diners. They had three flavours available at the time: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. I ordered the Chocolate Shake. Unfortunately I forgot how much it cost and my dog ate the menu i took home with me =.=. (Queenie: The shake was about $3/4…definitely not cheap! and it is true, the menu was destroyed by a dog)
lucy's east side diner milkshakelucy's east side diner milkshake
Like any good diner should, they gave the extra shake in a tin that you can eat with a spoon or add to your cup. It tasted alright, very creamy and dense. Plenty of icecream flavour. Unfortunately I really didn’t get too much chocolate taste from it. Not to say that’s bad, some people enjoy a lighter tasting shake, but I was hoping for some strong chocolate flavour at the time.(Queenie: definitely agreed…Not enough chocolate flavour! felt more like vanilla with a little mix of chocolate…feels like a frosty from Wendy’s)
Being Queenie, she insisted on having fries LOL (Queenie: I love deep fried food! Fries are always good! how can you give up on that?!). I tried to reject her but she wouldn’t have any of it.

The fries were pretty good and were $4 I think. Very fresh and crispy. They were advertised as being handcut, and I think it’s true as I could taste a nice rich potato flavour. They weren’t very heavy on the salt nor were they very oily so that’s pretty good too. Much better than Mcdonalds! (Queenie: the fries was quite a pleasant surprise! I find that most hand-made fries are often drenched in oil, making it so greasy to eat. These were light and crispy without heavy heavy seasoning salt! But for $4, the size is quite small…and nothing too special)

As it was a lunch meal for us, we I wanted something that would be more filling and less of a snack. As such I ordered the Chilli. I absolutely LOVE chilli. Unfortunately Tim Hortons is mostly the place I satisfy that craving. If anyone knows of a place that serves really good chilli, please do let me know. I believe this was $5 plus $1 for the beef.

It was a lot more chunky than I expected, but it had a rich taste to it. I would love to have one of these after an intense late night or all-nighter of cramming for MTs/final exams. They didn’t skimp on the beef either (Queenie: really? You must’ve eaten most of the beef!), with some pretty big chunks in that chilli. I think it consisted of corn, carrots, mushrooms, black beans, and the additional beef. (Queenie: For me, I didn’t like the chili as much. It is very chunky…I like my chili more stew like. This chili, as you can see, you can pick out every single ingredients. I was so excited about putting some chili on my fries but i can’t really do that with this chunky, solid chili)
Next time I hope to get a chance to try some of the items on their full menu as well as their burgers. The burgers seem to be around $8 before adding extras like bacon so it’s pretty reasonable. I think this place will become a hit with the late night community pretty quickly as long as they are able to keep up the quality throughout the day and get word out about their presence.

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