The Last Crumb Bakery And Cafe

The Last Crumb Bakery And Cafe

Love the name…esp true that love to the last crumb!

Oct 2012 was the first time I was here?  It was fairly new and I was there with my boyfriend on a coffee date!  We were both ex-barista at Starbucks so we know a little bit about good coffee/foam.  I had a chai-tea soy latte with the bacon-cheddar-scallion scone and he had a cappuccino.  THE FOAM….SIGH….GOOD FOAM!  The foam was dense with no air bubble!  I loved how i can use a spoon to eat the foam!  That was a plus for us.  The espresso and chai were standard; nothing bad I can say about them.  MAN, THE SCONE!  I have to rave about that!  I love how fluffy and flavourful the scone was. This scone didn’t crumble to million bits of pieces when I broke a small piece to eat (still gotta at least pretend to be lady like in front of the boy).  There were real big bits of chedder, bacon and scallion jamming together that made beautiful harmony in my mouth.  If you do go, do yourself a favor by getting something savory AND something sweet.

Nice foam on both the chai tea soy latte and cappucinno. Scrumptious bacon,cheddar, scallion scone.

Since Oct, I’ve been there again with a few girlfriends prior to attending a wedding show in Heritage Hall.  Again, we all got scones and coffee.  The girls were from N. Van and from Burnaby, the scones left such an amazing impression for them!

Went again for a lunch/treat with an old friend.  I had the quiche with salad and turned out to be the only one eating.  I had the asparagus with prosciutto quiche.  That was alright…Lots of unseasoned asparagus with very sparse prosciutto.  There wasn’t a balanced mix to make it tasty with every bite.  The salad on the other hand was brilliant!   It was fresh and crisp with tomato, cucumber, mixed greens and WALNUTS!  It was lightly dressed and seasoned.  YUM.  That was the surprising element.

So-so asparagus and prosciutto quiche with exceptional salad!

MOVING ON THE DESSERT!  I had the chocolate-pecan cookie.  I INHALED IT.  Well, with company there, I exercised some self-constraint to eat it as elegantly fast as possible.  The cookies was a decent size but I wish it is bigger!  After all $3 for a cookie isn’t exactly cheap either.  It was soo good I bought another one for my mom to try!  She usually isn’t a fan of Caucasian sweets because she finds it too sweet in general.  HOWEVER, she liked this cookie!  That’s a major plus for me and of course, I finished the rest of the cookie….

Definitely want to go back and try their specialty hot chocolate but it would be a hard dilemma for me.  Sweets or hot chocolate?  Can’t have both since one will overpower the other!  Also I am interested in their cookie sandwich and sconewich!  I think I need to  go back multiple times!

It is a bit on the pricey side and hard to find parking.  The ambient is so chilled and relax.  It is definitely a good place to meet up with friends and catch up!

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