La Terrazza | Great Desserts, Not Great Service

La Terrazza | Great Desserts, Not Great Service

The bride decided in advance we would have desserts at La Terrazza, esp for their fried cheesecake in phyllo and their extensive selection of wine!  After Hawksworth, that’s where we headed.

It was a Saturday night and a wedding was happening in the restaurant.  We were promptly seated and our waiter was very eager to help.  As soon as we told him we were here only for desserts and drinks, his eagerness and his service disappeared.

We were left alone for 20 min to decide on desserts.  He was knowledgeable about the wine when we asked him.  We placed our orders and then we didn’t see him again for a very, very long time.

Two girls got 201  moscato ($11/glass), which was a sweet, sipping wine.  Don’t ask me about the origin, the description was too long for me to remember.  It was very fruity and enjoyable to drink after a full meal.



Again with our motto, sharing is caring; we split 3 desserts.  Our choices were La Creazione, Espresso Dessertini and Chocolate Chocolate.  Desserts are all $12 each unless otherwise stated.  They all arrived at once and it was all “ohhh” and “ahhh”.

First up is the much anticipated La Creazione!  It is mascarpone cheesecake wrapped in phyllo with  Amarena cherries and strawberry coulis.


La Creazione

La Creazione was an interesting one.  Cheesecake wrapped in crispy, phyllo dough instead of a crust.  Mascarpone cheesecake would be good but once it is warm it did not appeal to me.  The butteriness of phyllo and melty, fatty mascarpone were not a winner to ME.  Good thing there was a bit of the sour fruits to cut that greasiness.  For $12, it is a small dessert.  All the girls have a bite and it was the end of that.  Some girls loved it but me, not so much.  This surprised me because it is a combination of my two favourite things: dessert and fried food.  I guess there are some combinations that don’t always work out too well together.


Chocolate Chocolate is dark chocolate tart, milk chocolate raspberry ganache, Bailey’s macaroon.


Chocolate Chocolate

We were all curious as to where was the bailey macroon?  The 2 sticks were just pure chocolate curls.  Since the waiter didn’t come back until all of the desserts were half eaten to check in on us, we didn’t bother asking.  The chocolate tart and the ganache were made with such high quality dark chocolate.  I could really taste the bitter yet sweet cocoa taste.  It was just delicious and pure!  It is a very rich dessert, every one took small spoonful at a time to savour it.


Espresso dessertini is Terrazza’s tiramisu of creamy marscapone, sponge cake, amaretto cookie, Di Sarano – Kahlua – espresso mousse.


Espresso dessertini

This was my favourite dessert of the night.  The mascarpone was so smooth blended with the espresso mousse.  There was just enough sponge cake in the middle of the glass to help hold all that delicious goodness.  The sponge cake replaced the traditional liquer soaked lady fingers.  I prefer sponge cake over soggy biscuit anyway!  This was sure the winner for me that night.

The desserts were amazing!  I think for $12, they run on the small size but I guess after a full Italian meal, the portion might just be perfect.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the service.  Our plates were cleared before we finished our last bits of desserts.  That’s a no-no for me especially in a fine dining establishment.  It was 10:30pm with lots of patrons still within the restaurant.  Did they want us out that desperately?  I was also not pleased with the lack of service.  I understand we were not there to have a full meal, but that does not mean we don’t deserve the same attentiveness.  We did see the waiter 4 times during our dining experience: when we first sat, when we waited a long time before having to order, when he was checking with us how was desserts after we were half way done and when we were ready to leave but waited a long time for him to appear so we could get our bill.

Despite all that sweet and delicious dessert, the service left a bad taste in my mouth.


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