Kita No Donburi – Japanese Donburi and Sushi!

Kita No Donburi – Japanese Donburi and Sushi!

Now that I’m back in school for the final semester of my night classes, I’m once again on the hunt for some convenient, fast, and delicious places to grab a quick dinner in Downtown Vancouver. I’ve walked by Kita no Donburi many times, and I’ve finally decided to check them out! Kita no Donburi is a restaurant that serves Donburi, which is a rice bowl type of dish, and sushi rolls.

They’re located right besides a Starbucks on Georgia street and looks tiny from the outside. Inside though, they’re really quite spacious.

Looks pretty cute and small from outside.

Looks pretty cute and small from the outside.

They also have a lot of items on the menu. I never actually paid attention to their tag-line, so I didn’t realize that they served sushi so many variations of sushi! It took me quite a while to decide!

They’re also mostly self serve. The restaurant was fairly empty at the time, so the staff there served me tea and brought me my meal. Very nice of them!

kita no donburi's plenty of menu choices

Lots of different menu choices.

Interestingly enough, they also have a liquor license so they service Asahi, sake, and Kokanee. Nice place to grab a drink and a quick bite to eat!

even more menu items!

Even more menu items! They also have Japanese Beer!

I craved both sushi and a rice dish, so I ordered a spicy tuna roll and a tonkatsu plate. The spicy tuna roll was pretty good! It wasn’t as spicy as I liked, but the portions were pretty fair. I would say that their sushi is better than Bay sushi. Pretty good for sushi in Downtown Vancouver!

kita no donburi spicy tuna roll

Spicy Tuna Roll (4.25)

The really interesting part of this dish though is their addition of mayo to the soy sauce! I’ve never had sushi served to me with Japanese mayo in the sauce. Mix in some wasabi and man is that good! I would love to have all my spicy tuna rolls in a sauce like that from now on!


The tonkatsu plate looked fabulous. I wasn’t expecting it to be so well presented.

kita no donburi tonkatsu plate

Tonkatsu Plate ($8.95)

The tonkatsu had an excellent crispy texture. What I really liked about the pork cutlets were that they were quite meaty. I’ve had some tonkatsu where a good amount is just fried panko crumbs.

kita no donburi tonkatsu closeup

That’s some good tonkatsu right there!

The salad was pretty standard, but the greens tasted fresh. The rice was just plain steamed rice.

kita no donburi just enough sauce

Just enough tonkatsu sauce!

The sauce is the classic tonkatsu sauce with additional honey mustard. It is really good, but I think they should have provided more sauce. The dish became kind of dry to eat because there wasn’t enough sauce to really soak into the rice. I’ll have to come back and try their curry dish next time!


Overall, great little find. Prices aren’t amazing, but they’re fair. The portions are alright and the staff are friendly. Lovely Japanese atmosphere and some little twists on Japanese dishes that differentiates their food from the run-of-the-mill Japanese joint in Downtown. Give them a try!
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