Joe Fortes Happy Hour

Joe Fortes Happy Hour

I had a impromptu shopping date with my 2 besties who also do shift work.  It is extremely hard to coordinate a date to meet up!  A gorgeous sunny day, shopping and best friends, what else could a girl ask for?  WELL…with me there is always FOOD!  I have been always wanted to try Joe Fortes’ Happy Hours and one of the girls actually have an oyster craving so off we go!

We went right at 4 and was seated immediately.  Happy Hour is only in the bar/high stools area which is quite limited in space.  The whole place quickly filled up!  During Happy Hour, all appetizers are 50% off and $1/oyster!  You can see why it is a popular place to be at this time!

As the two girls were off that morning from night shift, this is almost like their first meal at 4pm.  They were famish!  They immediately knew what they want and we did just that!  To satisfy that oyster craving, we got half a dozen of the oyster of the day!  Too bad we didn’t get to pick what oyster as all 3 of us prefer the tiny, sweet oysters and almost disgusted by the big, meaty oysters.  Today, Joe Fortes offered Pacific oysters during Happy Hours.  I don’t remember the long name as we were too hungry to care.  The waitress explained that it varies in size but still sweet.  That certainly didn’t help all that much but we decided to order half a dozen anyway.

Joe forte oyster

Half dozen of Pacific oysters?

(I had to crop the pics…one of my besties is very blessed and the picture captured more than just food.)
We were glad we only ordered half a dozen as they were quite meaty.   The sauces that came with the oysters are classic cocktail, mignonette and horseradish & lemon.  The mignonette taste is predominated by sesame oil and is quite tasty.  However, I liked my oyster with just lemon.  The other girls had to do a mix of sauce in order to slide them down.

THEN CAME THE APPETIZERS!  It was great that all 3 came at once!  We ordered Mini Lobster & Shrimp Roll, Truffle Parmesan Fries and Beef Carpaccio.  As you can see, the girls were so hungry that as soon as the plates landed, each of them grabbed a lobster roll and started munching!  It actually came in 3 mini rolls.  Only my lobster roll remained for the picture to be taken.  It was the best dish out of the three!  The roll itself was soft and lightly buttered.  There was plentiful of tasty, fresh lobster and shrimp in the roll.  I especially loved how the amount of sauce (remoulade) is perfect!  There wasn’t soooooo much sauce that it became sloppy and messy to eat.  The sauce is a bit sweet and tangy, just enough to bring out the seafood taste.  It was a simple delight to eat it!  The coleslaw was lightly dressed with I guess the same remoulade and the vegetables were crisp.  It was the first dish we completely polished.

Mini lobster & shrimp roll, truffle parmeasan fries, beef carpaccio

Mini lobster & shrimp roll, truffle parmesan fries, beef carpaccio

I’ll go with Good-Bad-Good.  The Truffle Parmesan was disappointing.  It smelled heavenly when it arrived.  C’mon!  It is truffle and cheese!  What can be better right?  Well, adding salt would probably helped.  Only the top layer of fries got most of the cheese and SOME truffle oil.  All 3 of us agreed that we could barely taste any truffle in it.   The fries really lacked salt…I wonder if the cook was so busy that he/she simply forgot.  That was a disappointment.  I love fries and thought this dish would be amazing.  The fries themselves are not bad…again, I prefer the skinny and super crispy fries.  These fries are starchy and full of potato flavor.

Beef Carpaccio was great!  I love the generous pairing of arugula and shaved grana padano cheese, garlic and capers.  The nuttiness of the arugula, saltiness of the cheese, buttery texture of the beef, garlic are such a great combination.  I highly recommend this dish if you dare to try rare beef!  If not, you can just steal the cheese from your friends!

The service was decent.  In the beginner there was only one waitress and she helped us.  As Happy Hour started, we had another waiter?  Then another waiter asking how we were doing.  I guess we were all being waited on by everybody.  It was confusing for a bit.  Food did came out fast but I think because we were the first few who ordered.

It is worth coming here for half off appetizers and $1 oyster!  I will definitely be back!
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