Guu Otokomae – Really Good Izakaya Food

Guu Otokomae – Really Good Izakaya Food

When one is thinking about Izakaya in Vancouver, Guu is probably one of the first restaurants that comes to mind. I’ve been to Guu on Robson, and Guu Garden and Guu Garlic, all of which have been absolutely fantastic. Today was my first time going to Guu Otokomae in Gastown, and it’s also the first time I’ve really hit up a Guu with my camera since Q and I got back into blogging. I also went with a couple of friends for one of their birthdays, so this was a great opportunity to order a ton of food!


As with all the other Guu’s, Guu Otokomae in Gastown has a really extensive menu. Their full menu can be found here, but their specials menu can only be found in store.

guu otokomae gastown

Guu Drink Menu

guu otokomae gastown

Food Menu


Of course, celebrating a birthday usually means having a nice drink. One of my favourites to get at Guu is the Mega Sapporo. It’s literally a mega sized mug of Sapporo beer!

guu otokanae gastown mega sapporo

Mega Sapporo ($10)

We did two rounds of ordering. One of our first dishes to arrive was the Mushroom Bibimbap. It had sauteed mushrooms topped with cheese, dried seaweed, green onions, and seaweed sauce. It was really good! The staff also mixes it up for you.

guu otokanae gastown mushroom bibimbap

Mushroom Bibimbap ($7.80)

Any Japanese meal when it’s just us guys is not complete without Edamame. We used to get tons of this stuff when we go for late night AYCE! It’s addictive! Pricey here, but a nice snack to go with the beer.

Guu Otokamae edamame

Edamame ($3.00)

Next to arrive was the Guu Tataki, which is seared AAA beef sashimi and daikon with ponzu sauce topped with garlice chips and green onions. Really good dish and one my favourite across different Guu locations.

Guu Otokamae Guu Tataki

Guu Tataki ($8.80)

Our Spicy “Caramali” arrived shortly after. This was good, but it was just a calamari with garlic tomato sauce. I would pass on this one next time.

Guu Otokamae Spicy Carmali

Spicy Caramali ($6.00)

The next one was a really unique dish that I haven’t seen at the other Guu locations. Salmon with 7 Friends includes diced wild sockeye salmon with otokomae miso and garlic sauce, natto, a bunch of veges, fresh egg yolk, and served with roasted seaweed.

Guu Otokamae salmon with 7 friends

Salmon with 7 Friends ($8.00)

After you mix it up you get this mushy pile of salmon and other stuff. We actually didn’t notice the seaweed for a while and ate it as is. It’s quite good, but you have to like that mushy slimy texture that comes about from the natto beans.

Guu Otokamae

Mixed up Salmon with 7 Friends

Next up is a classic Guu/Japanese dish. The takoyaki here is good and the price is fair. Worth getting!

Guu Otokamae takoyaki

Takoyaki ($5.00)

One of their specials, the Guutine is Guu’s interpretation of the Canadian poutine. I have to say, it’s really good and fattening!!

Guu Otokamae guutine

Guutine ($7.80)

It has deep-fried yam fries with miso gravy and topped with a bunch of cheese. Combine this with beer and you have heaven.

Guu Otokamae

Close-up of the Guutine

All of that was our first main round of food. We ended up order two more plates – I’m not sure why because we were already pretty dang full…

For our last order, we had the Halibut Karaage, which was deep-fried halibut in a batter with seaweed sauce, and the infamous Ebimayo, which were deep-fried prawns in spicy mayo sauce.

We weren’t actually big fans of the Halibut Karaage because the batter wasn’t really stiff enough to hold up the fish. It broke apart pretty easily. The flavour was there though, but I think you can safely say pretty much all the Guu dishes have great flavour.

Guu Otokamae halibut karaage

Halibut Karaage ($6.00)

I’ve never been a fan of the portion size given its price, but I’ve always loved how the Ebimayo tastes! This and chicken karaage (which we ordered but I forgot take a picture of) are also staples that we order when we hit up Guu!

Guu Otokamae ebimayo

Ebimayo ($7.80)

It’s never a cheap meal when heading out to Guu, but the food is always really really good! Remember to reserve ahead of time if you’re planning on going during peak dinner hours, because even if you’ve got a group of 2 or 3 there could be wait times.


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