Food Cart Festival 2013

Food Cart Festival 2013

Finally have the time to go check out this Food Cart Festival!  It is a gathering of Vancouver’s food carts in one location every Sunday from 12pm – 5pm until Sept 22.  After I woke up from post-night shift, my stomach was rumbling.  C suggested we check out this event before heading to a farewell dinner at The Flying Pig!

We took the Canada Line to the event as it was advertised being closed to the Olympic Village Station…WRONG!  It was quite a walk from the station to the event, especially in the scorching sun!  It was a good 20 min walk? (C: She’s exaggerating a bit, but it was a bit of a walk!)  It also charges a $2 admission fee per person! (C: It’s worth it if you want to try all the trucks in one go, but it might not be worth it if you’re just there to try a cart or two). WHAT?  In additional to the food we will buy, we have to pay this extra cost?  I think if you are a Vancity bank user, that fee is waived.

We arrived at 4:30pm and there is still a fair amount of ppl in there.  Beside food carts, there were a handful of individual vendors selling artsy things, vintage clothes, vinyl records and etc.  Otherwise, you are really there just to eat. There were some tables and chairs underneath tents!  Next to the eating area, more tents are set up for entertaining little children with giant toys.

All the food carts!

Food carts parked in a giant circle.

Here is a list of  food carts that were present:

  • Aussie Pie Guy
  • Didi’s Greek
  • Dougie Dog
  • Feastro
  • Guanaco
  • Holy Perogy
  • JJ’s Trucketeria
  • The Juice Truck
  • Le Tigre
  • Mom’s Grilled Cheese
  • Pazzarella
  • Roaming Dragon
  • Soho Road
  • Street Meet
  • Taco Fino
  • The Reef Runner
  • Vij’s Railway Express
  • Yolk’s Breakfast

There are also a few vendors and a truck that are not on the list but there for the festival.

After a long hike in this hot weather, we decided to try Johnny’s Home-Made Popsicles!

Johnny Pops

Johnny Pops

The vendor recommended the strawberry lemonade flavor as it taste like cold starburst but with real fruits!  His description is pretty bang on!

Strawberry and Lemon Pop

Strawberry and Lemon Pop – $4

Chris and I really enjoyed this cold treat!  Be be warned, it is $4 a pop!  Home-made food sure is expensive nowadays! (C: It was really really good! Tastes like a Starburst! Once you really get into it, you can see little chunks of Strawberries. Very fresh and refreshing for a hot day like this).

Being indecisive and on an empty stomach, it took me a really long time to decide what savory food I want to indulge.  I have decided to try the Famous Beet Fries from Le Tigre!

Le Tigre

Le Tigre


Le Tigre's menu

Le Tigre’s menu

To my disappointment, it was sold out!  I was then recommended to try the salad.  From fries to salad?!  I don’t think so buddy! (C: She was so disappointed!) I didn’t come here to eat healthy!  He said but the salad is “f****** awesome”  Why not…I was getting so hungry at that point I handed the $5 over for a salad.


Warm “Crack” Salad – $5

As it turned out, the “salad” is made of fried cauliflower and brussel sprouts with lots of cheese and garlic!  It was not bad but I wouldn’t use “f****** awesome” to describe the taste.  (C: It was good, but I had the cauliflower dish at Guu a few days earlier and this just doesn’t compare.). Anything fried with garlic and cheese is delicious in my opinion.  Le Tigre dishes definitely is heavily canton dishes inspired.  The Szechuan green bean is a dish that can be order in any Chinese restaurant.  It would be interesting to try their other dishes.  To me, the salad was a miss.

After all that salt and oil, C and I needed something to cool down once again and to rehydrate.  C really wanted to try The Juice Truck.

The Juice Truck

The Juice Truck

Knowing we will indulge in some rich food for dinner, we stayed away from the smoothie.  I really wanted to try the smoothie as I heard really good things about it!  C decided on getting a Cold pressed Juice. (C: I’ve heard good things about the juice here and didn’t want to hunt it down on a work day, so I decided to give it a shot!).

Juice Truck's menu

Juice Truck’s menu

He picked The Patio, a blueberry, lime, mint kind of drink.  It really just reminds me of a virgin blueberry mojitio for $7.  The size is between a tall and grande size from Starbucks.

Patio - $7.50

Patio – $7.50

Although it is not bad, I don’t think ti is worth $7 either!  Smoothie is the same price, I would much go for a smoothie next time. (C: Q didn’t like it as much, but I thought it was a really refreshing juice! Very similar to a flavoured mojito. Everything is balanced pretty well, and I was glad the mint didn’t overpower everything. Pricey for its size though…).

It is a fun Vancouver event and very family friendly. It could be expensive as the cost of food quickly adds up.  It is also a good chance to try some food carts that you never have a chance to go to their area.

C and I saw a lot of furry friends out there and suffering in the heat.  (C: So many doggies! The floor was surprisingly clean too, so no need to worry too much about the dogs picking up food scraps). Remember, dogs have no sweat glands and they have a lot of furs meaning they overheat easily to become Hot Dogs literally.  Keep them cool and hydrated!  Think of our 4-legged friends.

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