Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria | Amazing Pizza On The Drive

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria | Amazing Pizza On The Drive

I have heard about Famoso for a while but never came to try it because it is pretty out of the way for C and I.  One day, we just decided to venture out to The Drive since we were by metrotown! I didn’t know this until I did some research online.  Famoso is a chain restaurant!  It has various locations in BC and in Alberta.  It is “A fast casual pizzeria serving authentic Neapolitan pizza in a warm and lively atmosphere.”  It really piqued my interest and it definitely lived up to that statement.

(C: Given all the good food around where we live, we somehow rarely end up out here. The last time I was in this area was to check out La Mezcaleria. After checking out Famoso and Mez, we’ll definitely have to hang out around here more often).

It was a Saturday night on The Drive, walking into the lively restaurant, I could felt the energy pulsing here.  It was a full house that night but luckily, C and I didn’t have to wait long before sharing a communal table.

Part of the seating space

Part of the seating space

They have an area for gelato and sorbet!  That was the first spot I checked out before being seated.  It is quite nice that you could sample the flavours before deciding for later on! (C: Q’s face lit up when she saw the gelato area!).

Gelato/Cashier area

Gelato/Cashier area

Their way of ordering is quite unusual.  It is self-serve initially then afterward it is full service.  The menu for food and drinks are on the table.  You get seated and reminded of the table number.  The hostess/waiter informed you of the special.  There after, it is a full service dining experience. (C: It’s a bit different, and I guess it helps with the first wave of orders when Famoso gets busy).



After you decide on the food and drink, you write it down on the order form and take it to the cashier in the front to order.

Self-help order first

Self-help order first

Famoso emphasizes they make authentic Neapolitian pizzas by following the rules set by “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana” (“True Neapolitan Pizza Association”):

  1. They import the “00” Caputo flour from Italy to make the crust
  2. They stretch out the pizza by hand only
  3. They import tomato from Campania region of Italy to make the sauce
  4. They use Fior-di-Latte cheese (fresh whole milk mozzarella)
  5. They import bell-shape fire oven from Italy that cooks the pizza at 900°F for 90 seconds

For more information, click on their website to have a read here!

Italian imported brick oven

Italian imported brick oven

I felt like having a drink which is rare for me.  But when I do, i prefer something sweet and I can’t taste the alcohol.  I guess I just like a spiked cup of juice and this Berry Mimosa did the trick for me.  It went down easy and sweet tasting.  I would order this again anytime.

Girly drink

Mimosa Berry ($5.50)

One appetizer caught C’s and my eyes.  It was the Prosciutto wrapped Mozzarella Balls (3 for $10.50 or 6 for $18.50).    It is Fior-di-latte (fresh mozzarella) wrapped with prosciutto, baked in Campania tomato sauce, fresh basil and pecorino romano, served with flat bread.  Doesn’t all that sound fantastic?

Prosciutto wrapped Mozzarella Balls

Prosciutto wrapped Mozzarella Balls (3 for $10.50 or 6 for $18.50)

It was a fantastic dish!  The acidity of the tomato sauce balanced out the saltiness and creaminess from the prosciutto and mozzarella respectively.  I wish the dish is served with more flat bread to dip into the wonderful tomato sauce.  It is quite surprising after this dish, we felt quite full and satisfied already.  I would recommend this dish!

(C: It looks like a really small dish, especially since there’s only 3 mozzarella balls, but it was surprisingly filling! The tomato sauce was top notch. Fantastic texture, sweetness, and more than enough to slather onto the delicious flat bread. I’ve only had mozzarella from the packages you’d get in the supermarket, so having this fresh mozzarella ball was quite different – the texture seems more ‘lively’).

close up of meatball

Close up of the dish

C picked the Don Andreas ($15.25).  It is made with New Creme Fraiche, fior-di-latte, roasted chicken, corn and chipotle salsa, avocado, chopped cilantro, lime wedge, side of Valentina hot sauce.  The pizza is roughly 11′.  It is a very different type of pizza!  They also give you jars of paramsen cheese, chili flakes and black pepper.  You can add as little or as much as you like! (C: It was pretty hard to choose a pizza since there were so many options…so I picked one of the season features. In hindsight it might have been nice to start off with a classic Neopolitan pizza to set a baseline).

Don something pizza

Don Andreas ($15.25)

The crust was soft with a chew to it.  I like it but I could not taste the difference from other pizzeria’s crust…my palate is not that sophisticated.  The combination of ingredients are unusual but they work.  I loved the extra creaminess from the avocado and the taste of lime on the cheese.  One downfall was that there were way too many cilantro….ruined it a little for me.   It was quite a mess trying to eat the pizza.  The “correct” way to eat a slice of Neapolitian pizza is to fold it and dive in!  Because of the cheese and avacado, oil dripped everywhere!  In the end, I resorted to eating it with fork and knife.

(C: A very refreshing pizza! The avocado and lime work well on the pizza. Cilantro tasted really good with the pizza but unfortunately not really Q’s cup of tea!) 

I would definitely want to try other type of pizza like the classic margherita next time! Of course, after such a heavy meal, gotta complete it with some sort of sweets.  Since C wasn’t really in the mood for gelato, so we got the Dolce & Banana ($9).  It is oven-roasted bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar, crushed pecans, caramel sauce, and vanilla bean gelato.


Dolce & Banana

IT WAS SO GOOD!  Crispy, caramelized coating of the banana topped with pecan, caramel sauce and gelato….IT WAS HEAVENLY. (C: You can’t go wrong with caramelized bananas! Throw on some crunch pecans and a dollop of top notch vanilla gelato…awesome). 

close up!

close up!

This dish wasn’t overly sweet.  It was quite a good balance.  We ended the meal in such a high note!  It was simple dessert done right!



The service was friendly and warm.  Water glass was never empty.   The front house staff checked in on us frequently but gave us enough space in between. Food was good and I like the atmosphere. I would come back again and actually, I came back with some girlfriends 2 weeks later.  More to come on that 😉


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