Eat Chicken Wraps – Delicious Asian Inspired Wraps!

Eat Chicken Wraps – Delicious Asian Inspired Wraps!

To be honest, I never gave Eat Chicken Wraps a 2nd glance ever since it started on Robson Street.  The fact that there is Asian flare in wraps does not appeal to me.  There are always Asian influence in a lot of things and Asian chicken wraps made me think it would not be good.  I am a terrible person assuming all these things aren’t I?  But ever since C wrote and review the food truck Eat Chicken Wraps here as a guest contributor, I have always wanted to try it.  I judged a book by its cover.

Catching up with a fellow foodie, Beck, we originally wanted to try the Friday lunch special at Glowbal Grill.  But weather turns out to be decent and we wanted to actually eat at a foodtruck.  We both suggested to try Eat Chicken Wraps and so off we go!  The truck is located at the intersection of Howe and Robson, across from Chapters.  It is quite a convenient location as there are benches to sit on and it is close to UBC Robson square.  Pls excuse me for not taking many pictures as again, trying to hang out with a friend without going too shutter happy.

This is the cart, I borrowed this picture from C as I didn’t snap a pic of the whole cart:

This is the menu:



Since Beck also wanted to try to Hoisin Chicken Roll, I opted for the Poutine Al Pastor which isn’t shown on the menu and had to ask for it.  I secretly wanted to get the roll as well but gotta have variety…the dilemma of foodies eh?  I later did regret not getting one for myself 🙁

We arrived right at lunch time around 12pm.  All the foodtrucks have long line up of white collar workers getting food.  In addition to that, I believe there was a food tour stopping at Eat Chicken Wraps!  They all had quartered-serving of the hoisin chicken wrap!  We had waited a long time to get our food because the truck was making lots of hoisin chicken wraps for the tour!  They each got a half serving of the roll?  I salivated and regretted my choice after seeing their food.


Random Foor Tour stopping at Eat Chicken Wraps

Anyway, after the tour, there were orders before ours too, I think we waited around 15-20 min for our food?  There were only 2 pairs of hands, I won’t fault them for the wait!  Beside Beck and I were catching up anyway so time passed by faster 🙂

Since everybody ordered the hoisin wrap, Beck got her order quite fast.

Hoisin Chicken Wrap

Hoisin Chicken Wrap ($7 tax included)

The wrap is quite big as you can see.  Instead of a normal tortilla, it is made with Chinese Crispy Pancake (with green onion)!  That is a neat idea! I love well-done Chinese Pancake aka 蔥油餅!  I will come back to this in a bit.  So the hoisin wrap is composed of 5-spiced chicken, asian salad, pickled radish, green onion and of course, hoisin sauce.  Here is a closer and bird eye view of the wrap:

Hoisin Chicken Wrap
Hoisin Chicken Wrap

First of all, I need to sing high praise for the pancake!  Typically, I find these green onion pancake really doughy and lack of the green onion flavor.  As you can see in the picture, the pancake is not thick with dough and you can actually see how flaky the pancake is!  All signs of being done right!  In addition, they pan fried it so both side is super crispy and yet it is not dripping in oil!

Now I can’t speak for how the salad taste.  I just picked out the chicken and tear off the pancake to try.  The chicken was very very moist with a crisp to the skin.  From what Beck said, she really enjoyed it.  She savored every bite and I was envious of it 🙁  It is a really good combination overall!

Now onto my poutine!  Despite how I wished I ordered the hoisin wrap instead, my choice is still good!  Just I was craving more of the pancake!  So the fries replaced the wrap for the Al Pastor Poutine.  The toppings were Mexican roasted Chicken, pico de galio, grilled pineapple, cilantro and fresh lime juice.  There is also cheese added to the poutine which isn’t in the wrap.

Al Pastor Poutine

Al Pastor Poutine ($7 tax included)

The portion is huge!  (To all the HCP out there, they serve the fries in those disposable save-a-day tray.  Sorry if I just ruined appetite.)  I couldn’t help but compare that there isn’t as much topping as the one C had last time…ANYWAY!

The fries were pretty standard but at least they were made to order!  Although it doesn’t look like there were a lot of topping, I found it was added in 2 layers!  Toppings, fries and topping!  The sauce on it…felt like siracha mixed with a creamy base.  It has a sweet, spiciness to it.  The chicken was FANTASTIC!  I love the spice/rub used on the chicken that gave it a fragrant kick.   The chicken pieces were so moist!  Toward the end, I was absolutely stuffed with a quarter left.  I just picked out all the chicken and left the fries.  The grilled pineapple was also a nice touch as the sweetness went very well with the spiciness of the overall dish.  I think the portion of the poutine is too much but it would’ve been perfect in the form of a wrap!

I will definitely come back again and try the hoisin chicken wrap.  That dish is very memorable and for a price of $7!  I hope you can look past the odd combination and give it a try!


(C: Make sure to also check out my review of Eat Chicken Wraps that I wrote for Food Persuasion here!)
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