Disco Cheetah | Fusion Korean Tacos!

Disco Cheetah | Fusion Korean Tacos!

After a quick Saturday morning workout at the YMCA, I decided to head down to Granville street and soak up some sun while Q was busy working.  After some quick shopping, I walked by a bright yellow food truck that I hadn’t seen or heard of before.

I probably would have continued on my way (since food truck food would totally ruin my workout!), but then I noticed that this food truck, Disco Cheetah, serves Korean Tacos!!

Bright yellow food truck on Granville!

Korean tacos, burritos, and quesadillas!

I love Korean food and I love tacos. Put them together and I have no clue whether it’d taste any good at all – naturally I had to find out! It helps that Disco Cheetah was already starting to build a line – it’s always good when people line up!

Disco Cheetah's menu!

Disco Cheetah’s menu!

Disco Cheetah produces more than just fusion Korean tacos; they also serve up quesadillas, and burritos. The burrito was reaaaally tempting, but I settled for two tacos. For $8 you get two tacos of either beef, chicken, or tofu. Naturally I asked to mix it up and got one beef and one chicken taco!

Korean Taco - one chicken and one beef

Korean Taco – one chicken (right) and one beef (left) ($8)

It’s a bit pricey for just two tacos, but they were pretty good! Both tacos contain kimchi, cheese, sweet corn salsa, romain lettuce, and house-made ‘secret sauces’. Interestingly enough, both tacos seem to taste complete different even though the majority of their guts are the same!

Both tacos are wrapped in a “soft” tortilla. I use quotes because they’re actually wrapped in two layers of tortilla where the outer layer was cooked, making it almost like a hard tortilla shell. I quite liked this because it wasn’t really a hard tortilla shell but still added an awesome crunch factor.

The beef taco uses sliced chuck eye and seems to come with some sort of mayo sauce. I didn’t get much kimchi flavour out of it, but the beef seemed to be cooked in a style resembling Beef Bulgogi – that is where the Korean element fit into this taco.

The chicken variant is made using pulled chicken thigh and is actually advertised as being spicy. This totally changes up the taco! I found this one more more “Korean” and less like a traditional taco. Really nice heat and tender chicken. Much like the beef taco, the sweet corn salsa added an awesome layer of sweetness.

It’s hard to say which taco from Disco Cheetah is better, so I recommend just trying both! I’m a fan, but they haven’t knocked La Taqueria off the Taco Throne quite yet!


I haven’t found much information about Disco Cheetah and it seems they bounce around quite a bit. Make sure you check out their schedule on Street Food before seeking them out!

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