Cork & Fin | Nice Space, Nice Food, Excellent desserts

Cork & Fin | Nice Space, Nice Food, Excellent desserts

Originally, I was meeting up with a friend for dinner at Ask for Luigi.  We only realize it was closed when we both arrived!  Since we were in the mood for pasta, after a quick stroll in Gastown, we decided on Cork & Fin.

The restaurant has character.  I love the exposed brick mixed with old, 1920 elegance.  See it for yourself!


Smart part of the interior


Bar and the upstair dining area


Cute, old-school menu


Cocktails, spirits and beer menu


Wine and food menu

Seeing they have a big session on the drinks menu dedicated to whiskey, I’ve got to try out a whiskey sour!  I am still on the hunt to find the perfect whisky sour like the one from Pourhouse but without the hefty price tag. To my surprise, the whiskey sour here is not bad!  I did enjoy this drink with the rest of the meal.  One thing I did not like is the cherry, never been a fan of that.

Cork & Fin made a well-balanced drink!  It wasn’t excessively sweet or sour which was perfect to sip!  I don’t have a sophisticated palate to describe or analyze or dissect the drink.  I simply liked it and you should try it out for yourself!


Whiskey Sour ($8.50)

Being nurses, we realized we should eat something “healthy” instead of just our pasta dishes.  We shared the Shaved Asparagus & Mushroom which has grilled & pickled Mushroom, poached egg dressing, grated almond and of course asparagus.  It was a small, refreshing dish.  The poached egg dressing is a tad sour/tangy, reminding me something like an egg salad sandwich flavour dressing.  Overall, the dish didn’t wow, and I probably wouldn’t order it again.



Shaved Asparagus & Mushroom  ($11)

So now onto our much anticipated pasta dishes!  My friend ordered the Vongole ($17).  It has house noodle, clams, butter, parsley, white wine, and bread crumbs.  Naturally between girls, we shared food.  Her vongole was so tasty!  I do love fresh noodle with a bite.  The clam and pasta ratio was perfect.  The butter, white wine and clams mixed into a beautiful sauce.  It definitely hit the spot for our pasta craving.


Vongole ($17)

I ordered the Pesto Fettucelle ($17) which has spring garden vegetable, gremolata and parmesan.  This was a very disappointing dish.  The noodle on this one was soggy and broke apart very easily.  There was not a strong presence of the pesto taste either.  I secretly wish I ordered the vongole too!


Pesto Fettucelle ($!7)

We also went into the restaurant at the Happy Hour and the oysters were $1.50 each.  We decided to get half a dozen; 3 Little Skookum and 3 Effing.  Both type are the small to medium size oysters.  I really hate those big, meaty oysters that require a few bite.  These 2 types are small and they taste so sweet and clean.  The horseradish and champagne mignonette were not anything spectacular.  I ate the oysters without the condiments.


Little Skookum oysters and Effing oysters ($1.50 each during happy hours)

Of course, I can’t end the meal without desserts!  We originally were just sharing one but since we couldn’t decide, we went for both desserts!  There was an interesting choice of Olive Oil Ice Cream.  But between Chocolate Terrine with salted caramel and Cheesecake mousse with lemon curd and pistachio crumble, olive oil ice cream has just got to wait until next time!

The Chocolate Terrine was lovely with the salted caramel.  It is a dense, rich cake like brownie.  A bite of the terrine with the salted caramel is pure decadence.  The portion looks small but because of its richness, it is plenty for 2 people to share!  I would highly recommend this dessert and to get a cup of coffee or espresso with this!

I equally enjoyed the Cheesecake Mousse too!  It had me at lemon curd.  The cheesecake mouse is very light/  It feels like eating clouds which I appreciate.  I don’t want to feel guilty with every single bite if the mousse is too heavy and rich.  I wish there was more of the pistachio crumble.  The pistachio is ground so fine and there is so little that it didn’t do too much.

We both loved the two desserts!  No favourite there.  Highly recommend both!


Chocolate Terrine and Cheesecake Mousse (Both $8 each)

We asked for the bill to be separate and I picked up the tab for the dessert.  Our waiter kindly calculated the amount for us.


The bills

Overall, the food was decent.  However, the environment was really nice, being both relaxed and hip at the same time.  The staff was super friendly and nice too.  It makes a comfortable environment to catch up with friends over a drink and a good dessert!  I could come back another time to check out more of their seafood.


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