Catch 122 | Petite Brunch that Packs Punch

Catch 122 | Petite Brunch that Packs Punch

A much delayed post!  For my birthday, fellow food lover, Beck, took me out for lunch/brunch.  The problem with food lovers getting together is that we want to find a restaurant that we both have not been to!  Since we both eat out a lot, it was a very hard and long process to narrow down to a few contenders.

Our winner was Catch 122!  It had me at featured poutine for brunch! The walk from Canada Line station to the restaurant, where it is close to DTES, was about 5-10 min?  That’s enough exercise to burn off the poutine right?


Store front and me snapping a picture of it!


Do you really know I know good coffee?

It is next to Wildebeest and it shares the similar rustic interior design with the exposed bricks and stretches very long length wise.




Behind the tilt

On a sunny day, it would be quite nice to be seated by the window by the entrance for people watching and soaking up the sun.  Too bad the only 2 tables by the windows were already taken!


The Bar


The coffee section


Baked Pastries to go

It is an alcohol-licensed establishment and it seems they are full loaded with different types of alcohol!  Along with booze, they also serve Intelligentsia coffee.  Since I already had my morning cup, I skipped on that.  I wonder if that’s the reason they have that sign out there!  There are quite a few walk in just to get the coffee to go!


More of the interior

I appreciate an open concept in a restaurant.  To me, it demonstrate to the patron that there is nothing to hide and they are proud of their work space.  I love to be able to see how clean and organized the kitchen is, ‘coz you know, that’s where my food comes from!


Opened view of the clean kitchen

I  was set on getting a poutine and it took a while for Beck to decided on the double decker!


The scrambled eggs chorizo double decker ($12) & The bacon & mushroom poutine ($10)

The featured poutine captured my attention!  I love mushrooms and bacon, having both on my other favourite item of poutine sounds like a perfect combination for me!


Close up of my Back and Mushroom Poutine

All our sausages, bacon, pastrami, gravlax, roast, pastry and desserts are
hand-made, cured and smoked in-house with locally sourced ingredients and lots of love.

Their thick cut bacon was sooo delicious!  It is smoked/cured with good amount of seasoning and the amount of fat in each bacon bits was well balanced!  The fat/dripping used in the gravy was bowl licking good.  The fries were a bit on the starchy side but it is crispy and not soggy at all.  They were perfect to mop up every last bit of the gravy/fat.  I just wish the size was slightly bigger.  For $10, I expected the size to be more than a tiny soup bowl.  Maybe I am just wanting too much for my buck.  Regardless, it is an excellent dish and it is filling for sure.



Here is Beck’s Scrambled eggs chorizo double decker ($12). It has scrambled eggs, house-made chorizo sausage, house-smoked bacon, wild mushrooms, gruyère cheese, arugula, English muffin, Yukon nugget potato hash.  As Beck HATES cheese, the gruyere was left out per her request.


the scrambled eggs chorizo double decker ($12)

It is a double decker afterall!  It is quite tall!  Beck had to separate the layers to eat it.  She liked all the meat that was in it especially the thick-cut bacon!  This is a very filling sandwich but and again, Beck was licking her fingers afterward!  (Fine, maybe using a lot of napkin instead of licking her fingers).  It is that moist and delicious.


Double decker dissected

I think overall, the food is good but definitely on the more expensive side.  Their in-house cured and smoked meats are definitely very solid.  I would take C back here just to try their bacon!  The atmosphere overall is nice and relaxing mostly because service was minimal.  It is not hard to get the waiter’s attention but they don’t check on the patrons as other restaurants do.  Maybe that’s what happens in general on a slow weekday lunch with hipster servers.   I wonder how it would be during dinner service.  I guess we went during their “cafe” time, things might be better during their “bistro” hours for dinner.

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