Cartems Donuterie | Fantastic Doughnuts in Downtown Vancouver

Cartems Donuterie | Fantastic Doughnuts in Downtown Vancouver

Cartems Donuterie is a doughnut shop born out of an idea and realized by a small team of friends. They opened up their flagship location on West Pender about a month ago, and I only recently found the time to go check them out!

cartems donuterie

New store front on West Pender

Their store is huge, and the space inside is pretty amazing. It is a place I would have been less surprised to find in Gastown or Yaletown as opposed to this strip of Pender.

cartems donuterie

Doughnuts, and more doughnuts!

The decor is pretty awesome. Plenty of seating, wide open space, and tons of doughnuts. They make them all in-house here too! At their old location, they had to make their doughnuts in a separate location, check out the article by SCOUT Magazine here! I already had a coffee so I didn’t get to verify the claim, but I’ve read that they serve up some great coffee from Matchstick Coffee Roasters.

cartems donuterie Lovely design, and plenty of seating space!

Lovely design, and plenty of seating space!


cartems donuterie Hipster/rustic feel

Hipster/rustic feel

The doughnuts here are definitely not cheap – they’re on the same level of places like Lucky’s. At $3 a pop, they better be pretty damn good!

cartems donuterie Menu


I really like that Cartems has a bunch of cool doughnut flavours. In addition to their unique combinations, one of their main selling points are their delicious vegan doughnuts!

cartems donuterie You won't be disappointed by the variety!

You won’t be disappointed by the variety!

They have a lot of variety, and their website shows your some of their popular flavours. I was looking forward to their Canadian Whiskey Bacon, but they didn’t seem to have it that day!

Cartems Donuterie They do have a couple of non-doughnut pastries

They do have a couple of non-doughnut pastries


Since I went with my coworker, JW, during lunch, we decided to just go big – we got half a dozen!! We decided to eat two full ones there are the store and then bring the rest back to the office to share. What a fatty day! Love their box design too.

Cartems Donuterie Takeout box! Smallest size they have.

Takeout box! Smallest size they have.

So we ended up getting the following to try out: mint chocolate, the stuffy special, pistachio, blog orange, coconut, and one that I can’t remember because JW bought it to bring to her bf.

Cartems Donuterie Half a dozen beauties ($)

Half a dozen beauties ($)

JW and I are both weird fans of minty stuff – naturally we were pretty excited to chop up the Mint Chocolate doughnut to sample right away!

Mint Chocolate Donut

Mint Chocolate Donut

What I really liked about this doughnut was the fact that the mint wasn’t over powering. I like mint, but I’m not a fan of minty stuff that has waaaay too much minty-ness to it. The doughnuts are pretty light, and they retain a sort of crispiness or fried-like texture to it. The chocolate flavour is great. Loving this one!

Inside the Mint Chocolate Donut

Inside the Mint Chocolate Donut

The other doughnut we tried right away was the Stuffy Special. This one was really cool – it had a crazy earl grey filling!

Stuffy Special

Stuffy Special

It was much messier to eat compared to the Mint Chocolate doughnut, but it was just as delicious. I quite like this special type of doughnut from Cartems! The stuffing was quite cool and soft, without being overly creamy. The earl grey was a really nice flavour, and again it doesn’t over power the doughnut. It is a bit on the sweet side overall, so if you’re not a person into sweets (what the heck are you doing in here?!) then you may wanna pass on this one.

Earl Grey Filling!!

Earl Grey Filling!!

I didn’t take pictures of the other ones since they were pretty standard looking inside. The blood orange was alright, I found that the flavour there was too subtle. Similarly, the pistachio doughnut left me wanting something more. It didn’t have the depth of flavour like the stuffy special and mint doughnut. On the other hand, the Coconut doughnut was really good! If you’re a fan of coconut desserts, I think you’ll quite like the coconut doughnut. It reminded me a lot of the really good coconut cupcake I had a long time ago by Big City Cupcakes but in doughnut form and not as dense.

Overall, quite liked the doughnuts from Cartems Donuterie. Great place to chill and grab a nice cup of coffee and some dessert! I’ll be back once I lose some weight!

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