Bubble Queen – Amazing Bubble Tea and Desserts

Bubble Queen – Amazing Bubble Tea and Desserts

In my opinion, Bubble Queen is one of the best bubble tea places there is in Vancouver and Richmond! ((C: I agree!!). I have never been a fan of drinking bubble tea.  The drink itself is humongous!  All that fluid along with the pearls, I don’t think my stomach could handle it.

When I was doing my community nursing rotation, I educated elementary school kids on sugar content in their drinks and put it out in sugar cubes.  For something like a basic bubble tea, I was disturbed by how much sugar there is….hence I deter from drinking it as well.  I felt like I just preached against bubble tea THEN now I am going to blog how much I like it…

So Bubble Queen is on the outside of the Plaza and it is a tiny store that could maybe seat 20 people? (C: The place is decent sized for a bubble tea shop, but there never seems to be a free table!)  For people who love mango and/or chocolate, this is the place for you!

Let’s talk about the mangos first!  Good thing that it is small because the FIRST THING you see is a display of MANGOS!  SO MANY FRESH, RIPEN, SWEET, JUICY MANGOS!

bubble queen's mangos

Check out all of Bubble Queen’s mangos!

For people who have been or are from Hong Kong, doesn’t this reminds you of the chain mango dessert place, Hui Lau Shan (許留山)?  That dessert place brings back my fond childhood memories growing up in Hong Kong.  It is a place I have to visit when I go to Hong Kong!

bubble queen mango chunks bbt with mochi and pearls

The classic Bubble Queen – Mango Chunks BBT with Mochi and Pearls ($8)

The Mango chunks BBT is one of the many specials Bubble Queen does.  (C: This is how Bubble Queen became famous. Their amazing fresh mangos and humongous portions spread by word of mouth like wildfire). This is more like a fruity dessert than a beverage!  Look at all the fresh mango cubes!  It is essentially drinking a mango without touching it with your hands!  Of all the mango BBT I had there, all the mangos manage to be so sweet and fragrant.  I think they do import fresh tropical mangos to do this. (C: By the way, most normal people would be satisfied with just the mango chunks and pearls. Not us. We had to get mochi with it too!).

(C: We’ve actually been to Bubble Queen a few times before this post. That was all before we got back into blogging, so here are some additional drinks and desserts we’ve had!)

bubble queen on one of our earlier visists, double mango bbt

On one of our earlier visits…double mango bbt.

I love moochi and C loves pearls.  We always ended up getting both in the drink.  We would be so full by the end of it!  Hint: SHARE!  If you finish this by yourself, guarantee you will be filled to the brim!  Mind you, making bubble tea with fresh, imported fruit isn’t cheap.  With all the additional like pearls and moochi to the drink, you are looking at prices equivalent to a meal.  In my opinion, this bubble tea is worth it! (C: Yes, at one point we were crazy enough to have ordered TWO of these. I think it was after lunch too…)


Now onto the chocolate stuff!  The wall  opposite from the display case is lined with boxes and boxes of all possible chocolate bars!  To give a few examples, there are Ferrero Roche, Kit Kats (of assorted variety), Oreo, crunch bar, after eight, almond rocca…you name it, it is there!  They can particularly turn any chocolate bar into a bubble tea. Chris and I shared a Bueno BBT.  I loved that they top off the drink with a piece of the chocolate bar.  It is a little bit extra and made the drink special I think.  I was glad we didn’t order any pearls this time because the drink itself is quite filling. (C: It was crazy filling. Sugar overload!)

bubble queen bueno bbt

Another earlier visit – The Bueno BBT ($5.50).  I ate  the topping piece of bueno before C could take a picture.  SORRY!

My favourite is still the Ferrero Roche!  With the whipped cream, they also top off with one Ferrero Roche!  It is delicious and heavenly!  Of course, don’t mind the calories…I saw that they make the drink with hazelnut coffee cream in order to get that creaminess and flavour.   Now lesson learnt, C and I asked them to split the drink into two!  See how much each of us got?  The cost to split the drink is $1.50 but I think it is worth it. (C: We practically got two drinks by splitting it! And it was a good idea, since the Ferrero Roche slush is crazy heavy).

You are essentially getting two drinks for the price of one and a bit extra.  I like how in the photos, you see us going all out with the pearls and mochi and then slowly cutting back from whipped cream to no whip to splitting it into two drinks.  IT IS THAT HEAVILY GOOD.  There is too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to Bubble Queen.

bubble queen oreo slush bbt split into two cups

Annnnd another earlier visit…Ferrero Roche Slush BBT split into two cups ($5.50 + $1.50ish)

Beside bubble tea, Bubble Queen also does snacks/dessets.  (Although I think they have now expanded into food like Taiwanese meals).  The way to my heart is via my stomach and C knows that very well.  So on Valentine’s day, instead of the typical flowers and chocolate, C took me out to Bubble Queen and we ordered their toast in addition to our ferrero roche bbt.

The heart clogger - Smores Thick Toast with Ice Cream

The heart clogger – Smores Thick Toast with Ice Cream

Look at that!  The toast is actually VERY THICK.  They hollowed out the middle for more marshmallows.  It is nice to see that they actually torch the marshmallow to give that crispy, melty exterior.  The sauces, chocolate and caramel, are straight out of the bottles used for ice cream sundaes.  The toffee bits also adds a nice crunch but it is starting to be overwhelmingly sweet.  The dish though does have that wow factor doesn’t it? (C: This dish had a heart-clogging epic delicious factor. Best Valentines ever!)

One more thing that is worth the mentioning is that Bubble Queen also does the HK style egg waffles!  What’s more impressive  is that they have variety of flavours AND FILLINGS!  Isn’t it cool to have fillings?!  Egg waffle is always hollow in the middle!  Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures of the egg waffles we tried so you just have to take our words for it ;p

Green Tea Egg Waffle with Mochi Filling

Green Tea Egg Waffle with Mochi Filling

We had the green tea egg waffle with mochi filling.  It is definitely different texture that we are used to as the mochi feeling makes it quite chewy and it also made the waffle soggy a bit faster.  The green tea flavour is not strong but you get a hint of it.  It looked impressive though, green egg waffle.  Maybe they should have the option of having green ham then it can be green eggs and ham!  Another one we had was normal egg waffle with pork fluff filling.  This one is so-so.  I think in the process of making it, the steam or whatnot makes the pork fluff really wet and glue together which isn’t what I am used to.  Overall, Bubble Queen makes decent egg waffles but it isn’t anything exceptional beside the variety you can choose from.  It takes a good 15-30 min on a busy day for the staff to make them.  It is not a high priority to try item for me. (C: I really liked the green tea mochi one. Give yourself plenty of time to wait for them to make it though).

Overall, go there for bubble tea!  Best to order on the phone and pick it up to avoid waiting in line and be crammed in a tiny little store with little seating space!

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