Bella Gelateria–The Perfect Sesame Gelato

For a while now I’ve been reading online and seeing tweets about Bella Gelateria, a place that serves up deliciously authentic handcrafted gelato like you would find in Italy. I don’t know how we haven’t found the time to visit BG earlier, but I certainly regret not having done so when I still had a UPass; I would have kept coming daily! (Queenie: how i miss my Upass too! it is expensive to go to places!)

A couple of things that makes BG unique is the fact that the owner, James, continues to whip up new and unique flavours daily and tweets about them. You can see him working away making the gelato on his amazing machine right when you walk in. I thinking using twitter to advertise your new flavours and products is a great idea and definitely got me following what BG is up to.
Did I also mention James has a DEGREE in gelato making? If I knew they had those in Italy I would have gone there to study instead of studying here! (Queenie: NO CHRIS! NOT ALLOWED!) There are some details on the procedure of how he makes his gelato on his website.
Located at 1001 West Cordova, it’s actually very hard to miss BG as they have a huge sign up.
IMG_0355 copy
It’s unfortunately a bit small on the inside, much like a small coffee shop or something. However, they have lots of flavours lined up that go beyond what they have listed on their website.
Here’s James working away at making the delicious gelato! He looked pretty busy, probably working on their new pumpkin pie flavour. Next time if he seems more free perhaps I could ask him a bit more about the gelato process and all that.
Anyways on to the gelato eating! The prices were a bit expensive ($5 for a single scoop, 6$ for a double I believe), but if you go for double scoops instead of separate orders like we did then it’ll save you a good few dollars you can spend on their other products like coffee. (Queenie: for our orders, 2 single scoop, one in cup and one in cone, the total was $11.09….QUITE expensive imho but i guses what you pay for is what you get…HEAVENLY GELATO)

Queenie and I went for two orders because she didn’t want the cone and wanted to have the Sesame Flavour whereas I wanted to have a cone and try the Espresso Flavour. (Queenie: I can’t imagine how it would taste mixing espresso and black sesame flavours…)

First, my Espresso gelato:
Very rich espresso flavour that really tastes like the real thing! (Queenie: the color is not convincing eh? But as previous starbucks barista, we both said this gelato is pretty damn close to an espresso shot) It has that full body and aroma of espresso that I really like when drinking espresso. If you’re a coffee lover then this one should hit the spot as a dessert. The cones weren’t anything amazing but they were nice and crunchy which went quite well with the gelato.
Queenie’s Sesame gelato:
Ok so even though I really liked the espresso gelato it was nothing compared to the awesomeness of this flavour. This sesame gelato was THE best gelato I have ever had hands down. Full of the classic black sesame flavour, it tastes exactly like the black sesame dessert found in many Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants or dessert places. (Queenie: this is the best black sesame gelato I ever had. This taste like my mom’s fresh made black sesame dessert at home) Taking that and converting it into a gelato is no simple feat and I am very very in love with how this gelato tastes.
This flavour would, in fact, go very well with a shot of espresso as well! (Queenie: EW REALLY?!) Also be sure to note how they fill the cup to the rim! (Queenie: but it also made it messy to eat…as it melts slowly, the rim gets sticky and drips…so it is hard to hold the cup) I like it when they don’t skimp on the scoop.
I left a bit of the cone to put some sesame gelato in too! I think it would be so awesome if someone came up with mini cones; a customer could just order a bunch of them in different flavours!
Bella Gelateria is definitely a new gem in Vancouver eating and if you haven’t had the chance to visit you should! Especially give the pumpkin pie flavour a taste, I’m sure that one is going to be a hit!

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