Adorabelle Tea Room | Dainty High-Tea With Dainty Price

Adorabelle Tea Room | Dainty High-Tea With Dainty Price

This post was long over-due.  A group of us girls went to Adorabelle to celebrate Oxygen Girl’s 2X birthday!  She set up a floral dress theme even for all the girls! Adorabelle was a little hard to find and I missed it a few times because it is actually a house!


Exterior of Adorabelle

It has cute little white wooden fence on the outside too.  It is set up so you are walking into a warm, homey house meeting up with grandma and her warm, just out of oven sweets.


Thank goodness for sign!

The interior is also very cute.  It is painted in a very soft, subtle blush which I appreciate.  It isn’t the bright, in your face, everywhere kind of pink.  It is warm and girly and I think acceptable to the general public.



Adorabelle has a nice set up at the front foyer.  If there isn’t anyone to attend to you immediately, you can take a look at the merchandise they have to offer.


Tea accessories


Cute decor with the teacups and more merchandise for sale


Tea for sale in little adorable packages

Once you walk past the foyer, you enter into a spacious area for bigger parties and on the side, another area for smaller parties.


Area for smaller tea party

Everything is really adoable hence the name Adorabelle.  I really like the minimal, Victorian decor.  Old, refurbished pieces with light blue sky above and dainty cups.  It is really my cup of tea 😉


Cute interior with light blue sky above

On our table were teacups with a pink napkin folded into a rose.  That’s a nice touch to enhance the level of adorableness.


Cute set up with the pink napkin rose!

Here are the menu for the high tea and the actual tea.  The price is quite good for afternoon tea!  It is cheaper in comparison to other tea places such as Secret Garden and Adonia both located in Kerrisdale which charge $27 for similar set.


Afternoon Tea Menu

The selection of tea isn’t very vast compared to other tea rooms.  Before you decide on which one to sip on while having afternoon tea, the staff brings out the loose leaf teas for you to smell.  Just a reminder though, the smell is quite deceiving!  The taste of the tea and the smell could be very different.  A couple of us girls got London, Paris and Cream Earl Grey, and we were all disappointed.  The tea taste was weak and once milk and sugar were added, the tea was quite watered down. One lady ordered the Passionfruit and it was extremely delicious with a drizzle of honey!  I would recommend that tea more than the black tea. It is worth mentioning that we got our own tea pot and it had a cover to keep our tea warm!  It was cute but I didn’t think it served the purpose of keeping the tempurature.  Along with tea, honey, sugar and milk were provided in cute little tin jars.  The service was very attentive – the tea pot is placed on your dominant side after they asked if you are right or left handed.


Tea Menu

FOOD!  Between 2 girls, a staff would put down the afternoon tea tower for us to share.  It came in an impressive 3-tier tower.  As usual, the savory at the bottom, then scones and working your way up to the sweets!


The afternoon tea tower

The afternoon tea started at 3:30pm and I got off night shift that morning.  This was my first meal beside the much needed coffee.  I went into attack mode into the savory stuff first!  Thinking back, I am surprised that I managed to take pictures before I devoured the food… Savory Level: One of my favourite afternoon tea items is the the cucumber, cream cheese sandwich.  It is so simple yet delicate.  The bread was fresh and super soft making it even better!  It is easy to make but I would never make’s really just cucumber and cream cheese!  It is a treat to me regardless. Folded this in half and ate it in one bite.  Not very lady-like I know but the hanger is coming on.  I was amongst friends…table etiquette totally out the window!


My favourite in afternoon tea: cucumber, cream cheese open sandwich

Another favourite of mine is egg salad sandwich!  Again, the bread is remarkably soft and not soggy.  That’s a pretty amazing feat.  Egg salad was good.  Enjoyable bite (or 2) overall.


Egg Salad Pinwheel

Smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheel topped with a caper.  It was a welcomed savory change from the 2 previous mini sandwiches.  Good ratio of cream cheese and salmon!


Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Pinwheel

I have never heard of Chicken Waldorf before.  So from Wikipedia:

Waldorf salad is a salad generally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce as an appetizer or a light meal.

I realized after searching it up, this little finger sandwich did not have nuts or apples!  This chicken waldorf had chicken, cranberry and celery.  I find this chicken waldorf was too heavily dressed in mayo for my taste.


Chicken Waldorf finger Sandwich

This shortbread was very well done and delicious.  The strong smell of cheese combined with herb itself already screams decadent.  The shortbread just melted in my mouth.  I wanted a 2nd serving the most from the savory level!


Savory Shortbread with Asiago Cheese and Fennel

The last and definitely my least favourite was the savory cupcake…in my head, bacon and chive would make a great taste partner…HOWEVER, the cream cheese on top ruined the dance.  The cream cheese made it taste funky….I should’ve taken it in 2 bites to taste the cupcake with and without the cream cheese.

Savory Bacon and Chive Cupcake

Savory Bacon and Chive Cupcake

Overall savory level impression: super fresh and pillowy soft bread making the simple sandwiches enjoyable, amazing shortbread and funky tasting savory “cupcake”. Onto the next level of SCONES! The scone level came with 2 scones: orange-glazed and raisin scones AND house-made strawberry jam and sweetened cream (the 2 which I forgot to snap a picture of).


Orange glazed scone


Raisin Scone

I prefer the raisin one as the raisins gave it a bit of texture and extra sweetness.  The scones were soft and fluffy.  They were not bad, but not great either.  I think Fairmount Hotel Vancouer makes the best scones.  It is also from hightea at Fairmont that I fell in love with devonshire cream.  It didn’t free right to have scones with sweetened cream…The housemade strawberry jam was good and not overly sweet.


Soft and fluffy on the inside!

The top level of Desserts: I ate the Earl Grey shortbread before I remembered to take a picture…Can’t be perfect all the time right? 😉  The shortbread was good in that it is not excessively greasy and the strong earl grey balanced well with the butter in it. Strawberry and cream…self explanatory but the presentation is very nice!


Strawberry and cream

Chocolate cupcake was moist and rich and a mini-one is sufficient.


Chocolate cupcake

Last but not least I saved the passionfruit pate de fruit last!  It is essentially an adult/sophiscated jelly/gummy candy to me.  After that cupcake, I couldn’t really make out the taste except it being sweet.


Passionfruit pate de fruit

Service wise it was attentive and without background music, conversations can be heard!  That I appreciate.  HOWEVER there is a 1-hour time limit per session which I found to be a bit rush especially if you have a big group and everyone is catching up.  The quality and quantity is very good for $25.  The location itself is far and out of the way but it has free street parking. If I were to have high tea again, I would probably hit up my favourite place, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver but Adorabelle brings a completely different level of charm!



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